Lufthansa A380 Bookings for FRA-NRT June 11 2010

Lufthansa is ready to kick off its A380 service, LH once reported that FRA-JFK would be first to see the A380 in LH colors, but it will be the FRA-NRT route on June 11. There are some reports that the A380 will be used for a few Frankfurt Munich flights at some point in June.. Here is some more details from Lufthansa..

"Passengers bound for Tokyo can now book tickets to be among the first to experience Lufthansa’s new flagship aircraft, the Airbus A380. Lufthansa will initiate scheduled flights aboard the world’s largest passenger aircraft on June 11 with service from Frankfurt to Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.

It will operate under flight number LH710, replacing a Boeing 747-400. Flights will depart Frankfurt on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday with return flights to Frankfurt (LH 711) scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Daily service is slated to begin August 4, after Lufthansa has taken delivery of its second A380 aircraft.

Lufthansa plans to put its third A380 into service on August 25, 2010, along the airline’s Frankfurt-Beijing route. Flights will depart Germany on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and return the following day; daily service is scheduled to start in October. Beginning October 25, 2010, Lufthansa expects to deploy its fourth A380 with service three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) on the airline’s Frankfurt-Johannesburg route. The return flight from South Africa to Frankfurt will depart the following day.

Lufthansa’s A380 is configured with 526 seats, including a completely revamped First Class cabin on the upper deck that features eight generous seats and promotes a sense of privacy. Business Class, with 98 seats, is also located on the upper deck. The main deck is dedicated to Economy Class, with 420 seats and an unprecedented feeling of space.

Numerous airports worldwide are currently upgrading their facilities in preparation for the A380. At Frankfurt, passengers will board the Lufthansa A380 on two levels."




Mike April 29, 2010 at 01:41 pm

"420 seats and an unprecedented feeling of space"

Somehow 420 seats on one level of one airplane doesn't sound spacious - no matter what adjectives they use.