Luckily Changes to UNITED Mileage Plus not as dramatic as Rumored!

9591156-largeAfter the drama of some rumors posted online about what the new UNITED mileage program would look like, many are relieved that the changes are not th at bad, and in fact do give some extra perks to higher status level folks, but taking some things away from the entry level elite members.

I reported back in mid August that UNITED leaked some false info out to get peoples reactions and also cut down on the blow when they indeed made the official announcement. It appears that is what has happened here.

Matthew did a very nice job in reporting on the changes here

My view is it is all not that bad, sure we can all read about the people who think they got screwed and will be leaving UNITED, but really after flying a measly 25K miles in a year you still get some really nice benefits that are better then most others.

So this 1K will make sure I once again make it, only need 7,000 more flight miles.. I was holding off to see how these change would play out.. but as a 1K I’m happy with the outcome.