LOT Polish Airlines Crash Lands in Warsaw - All 230+ people safe!


The LOT Polish airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey made what experts have described as a textbook crash landing, sliding on to a halt on its belly. Once stationary all four escape chutes deployed and passengers ran for safety as fire crews doused the engines.

lotcrash I have flown on LOT Polish Airlines a bunch of times, even from Warsaw to the States and back once. Come to find out I was on this aircraft (SP-LPC) on my ORD-WAW flight.  People mock the Polish, and this airline... when you have a crew that can make a fully loaded B767 come to a stop on the ground with no landing gear, with all 230 people safe without anyone hurt, you have found a very good airline to fly.. Just amazing skill to put a big bird down like this.. many have tried.. many have failed. I'm looking forward to my next flight on LOT in February! Good job Captain Tadeusz Wrona!

The airport in Warsaw is closed and will be closed till 0900 local time on Nov 2. The airport reported the runway received minor damage as result of the landing, the aircraft came to a stop at the intersection between runways 15/33 and 11/29 thus disabling the airport and forcing its closure.

This is just a video you have to watch, and hope if you are ever on a flight with a problem like this you have a crew that can pull something like this off.


BLR November 1, 2011 at 07:16 pm