Impressed with UNITED phone agent when making reward booking..

Ok well I’m impressed! I think I could have found the love of my life.. ok that might be a little too far but this UA phone agent went above and beyond.. and found something I did not even see when I was looking. Now that is good.

I always do my homework and know what flights I want when booking a reward. I check out the reward seats that are out there, have the airline I want to fly with the flight number.. I put the reward puzzle together then make the call. I also have my finger on the hang up button.. If I do not like how the agent sounds, click NO GO.. I have had too many bad agents piss me off and not even try.. so I end up hanging up any way..

This agent picked up the phone, Hello Mr. Damian my name is (I forget) and how can I help you as a 1K? Well Hello! I tell the agent I would like to make a Star Alliance reward booking for 2 in Business class from Frankfurt, Germany to Melbourne, Australia. Normally at this point I let the agent know I have the flights I want and I offer to read them out to them.. I did not at this point because she said, “Oh this should be a fun one.. lets see what we can find!” Her fingers were clicking away.. She quickly said, “Ok have found something for the outbound but there is a long layover... “ I asked what she found.. as what i found also had a long layover. She told me, Lufthansa (and she said it correctly) from Frankfurt to Singapore, she also added with some excitement on their new A380 aircraft. Then a 5 hour layover connecting to a Singapore Airlines flight to Melbourne.. This is exactly what I found. I told her that works!! Now for the return she said.. lots of clicking and after a long time of searching.. Having a hard time getting you back.. I said, “how about via Bangkok” more clicking.. oh now things are coming up.. My return I found before the call was Melbourne to Bangkok on Thai, then Bangkok to Milan also on Thai then Lufthansa taking us to FRA. She found the same MEL to BKK flight on Thai connecting to a Asiana flight to Seoul then also on Asiana to Frankfurt. SOLD! She quickly ticketed the booking took my 300,000 miles and $403.00 for 2 business class tickets.


How nice it was to work with such a professional agent at UNITED. She wanted to help, she looked around and found reward space.. she did more then typing in FRA-MEL and letting the computer tell her nothing was there. She worked to build a booking based on space and her knowledge of the Star Alliance network helped. She know equipment types outside the UA fleet. She added small talk as she was working. She was a nice and helpful person. I got her employee number and emailed UNITED about her. She was shocked I was going to do this.. I told her she was wonderful to work so hard with me to get a free flight.

Everyone should reward employees who do their job with pride and not just do a job. SO if you ever run into some like this who wants to help and cares about the customers email the airline and give them praise! We all know they get a ton a bitching emails, sending something positive is a good thing!

Today I’m one happy UNITED customer.


Darren October 11, 2011 at 11:27 am

We need to clone this phone agent!

@Darren: Indeed.

Nice itinerary Damian. I am looking to book a similar trip soon--want to grab that SQ A380 space in case it does not stick around.