Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki - A Review of a fantastic Hotel

newhyattre Impressed is all I can say about this hotel. I have always been impressed with Hyatt hotel’s around the world but for some reason the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki was one that I will remember more then the rest. I think the main reasohyatt-(27-of-35)n for this is the staff, it was clear everyone working at this hotel were grateful to be working at the Hyatt. This hotel offers free transfers to and from the airport to the hotel, I was happy to see that it is an on demand service that can be pre-booked as my Swiss flight from Zurich arrived a few hours after midnight. First impressions are everything and I was greeted at the airport at 2am by a Hyatt employee who had a big smile on his face holding a Hyatt sign, I wish I got his name but he was just a very welcoming man who then took me to the hotel’s Mercedes.  It was a very quick ride to the hotel; I was offered a cold bottle of water and a cold towel to refresh. Little things like this are what I call the “Hyatt Touch” and they would add up over my 3-night stay. When we pulled up to the hotel therehyatt-(4-of-1) was a bellman that greeted me by name he opened the door and walked me to the front desk; once again greeted by name and I was welcomed back to Hyatt as a Diamond member. He informed me he could see I booked a Jr. Suite (I really booked a standard room and used a Diamond Suite upgrade) he added as a Diamond I was upgraded to the hotels best suite; the Presidential suite.

I was walked to my room by the bellman that was just genuinely nice, asking where I was from and telling me about his town and the hotel. I opened the double doors to my suite and was trying to hold back my grin, as this was one of the best hotel rooms I have ever gotten. This was my 3rd presidential suite ever; the others were at the Hilton Mainz Germany and Hilton

This suite had a full kitchen with stocked refrigerator for my consumption, and dinning room with my Hyatt Diamond Welcome gift (that was replenished each day) a living room, an office, the bedroom, dressing room, and very large bathroom. The bathroom had a very large tub, steam shower, and a sauna. 






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The hotel is a resort with a nice pool area with bar, tennis courts, gardens, and waterfall. The property was kept in amazing condition. I was looking for something wrong but could not find it. Again the little things that impressed me the hotel provided free iced bottled water in the pool area.









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As a diamond I was provided full breakfast in the hotel restaurant, once again greeted by name by everyone working. There was a buffet and many made to order options. The first day I ordered French toast and it was very good, the second day a Omelet with feta cheese; this was to die for. I got pancakes on the last day. All hot and well presented. The buffet offered many local options as well, service was great, and food was tasty.

The hotel also offers a free shuttle to the city center on a schedule, and is a great and easy way to get back and forth. I was talking to the concierge on my first day for some tips on places to see and eat in town. This team was so helpful and informative. As I was loading up on very helpful information I was greeted by the General Manager, Mr. Georgiou who just took this post this spring, coming from the team at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. Mr. Georgiou and I had a nice chat about the hotel and the city of Thessaloniki; he also provided a very nice tip for a good local lunch. It was clear he has great pride in this hotel as he is native Greek and now is running the show at the only Hyatt in Greece. It was a true pleasure to chat with him and I of course thanked him for the wonderful upgrade! He offered me a bottle of cold water for my day in town, again the little nice touches and provided me with his personal cell phone number if I got lost or needed something. When I arrived back from the city I found in my room a bunch of tourist information in English with a note from the Concierge. I was happy to have the resources after a day in a city full of biblical history; it helped to put my days adventure in perspective.

The second day was just like the first, I had a few more questions for the concierge staff before I headed back for a second day in the city. The staff was so helpful with maps, and suggestions allure. One of the bell-man noticed my camera and told me the best photo spot in the city, it was a bit out of the way but so worth it. I can only give credit to these helpful guys who made my two-day exploring Thessaloniki so amazing.



Some people think a hotel is just a place to sleep at night, but this hotel provided so much more. I wish Hyatt still used the “Hyatt Touch” slogan because this hotel is the poster child for that. Everyone from the GM to the Maid was so friendly, always smiling and just it was clear happy to be working at this hotel. I can say that staying at this hotel made my trip so much better, the shuttle drivers took pride in their city and job. The little things added up to be one of the best hotel experiences I have ever had any place in the world.

I always look for things at hotels that disappoint, and it was hard to find anything at this hotel, but these minor few things: the Internet speed was slow at peek times. The hotel must have had a regency club at some point because they have directional signs all over the hotel but no lounge to be found. I do like the perk of a lounge at a hotel but I can understand why a hotel like this one would have a hard time keeping one open and profitable. Other then these two minor things this place was perfect.


So please check out this Hyatt you will be impressed for sure! Also check out Thessaloniki! It is not the top destination in Greece but it has a ton of history and things to do.  The people are great and things are not expensive at all. 

I also took the post stay survey sent via email by Hyatt, I got a personal response from the GM with in 24 hours; just one more way they show the care.

I have always been impressed with Hyatt hotels around the world but for some reason the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki was one that I will remember more than the rest.


BR September 10, 2012 at 07:50 pm

Wow, sounds like a great hotel. Maybe with some minor upgrades it could be rebranded as a Park Hyatt.

Si September 10, 2012 at 09:47 pm

What a great suite. Every time I receive a similar upgrade, I never know where to sit. Too many options! Well done.

Glad to hear that you had an amazing experience! :)

My review is coming shortly and while I was not upgraded to a presidential suite, I had an incredible stay at the property and enjoyed my junior suite very much. Everything is as you describe--the staff have pride in their jobs and a wonderful work ethic. It was a pleasure to stay here and I will return.

Pawel October 2, 2014 at 05:35 am

Hey! We were in same hotel as you! Totally agree with your opinion. Check out our photos from last week!