Hilton Sorrento Palace (Italy) a review

1186709_587708597958351_1512836997_n This hotel impressed for sure, I have become a fan of “off season” travel, getting great rates at hotels that are packed during peak times. This hotel is a great example of how an off-season experience can prove to be impressive.

We arrive by car and parked in the hotels gated parking lot and we were greeted by a very helpful Hilton staff member who showed us where to park and how to get in the hotel. It is a little odd that the front of the hotel is on the opposite side that you approach, facing a mountain wall.


Walking into the lobby it was very open and impressive with a round front desk in front of the lobby bar / lounge / restaurant with a great view out large windows toward the sea. The main level was very open with large windows looking out to the great views.



Check in was fast and easy as a Diamond I was upgraded to a “Top Floor Executive Sea View” the check in agent walked me to my room a very nice touch and something you do not get at Hilton that much at all. The room was massive, and a very non-traditional set up, something I always like. The bed faced the glass door with great views, a nice sized balcony with table and chairs. The curtains were powered so when you wake up next to your bed is a button to open them up, very cool. The bathroom was very large a long and thin set up with large sink basin, toilet, tub and shower stall. The shower had jets all around, very nice!



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The first day we arrived around 4pm and went to the executive lounge for a drink, we were happy to find Wine and lots of finger foods already out. The lounge is a great area with outside sitting area, a roof top pool and great views. The staff working the lounge was also very nice and provided us with lots of goodies. 


At 6pm the “evening” service started with some of the best Veal Meat Balls with red sauce I have ever had. More wine, and beer was on offer along with a lot of cold food items. A great spread for sure. The lounge did lack spirits and sadly did not have any Limoncello on offer. Sorrento is the home of Limoncello. I did however get later that night a good size free bottle of Limoncello in my room as a welcome gift. That was nice!





The lounge is one of the coolest facilities I have seen with the private pool and outside area, this would be great in the summer!


The hotel had a few conferences going on the day we arrived, and the next day we had breakfast on the second floor in a large open ballroom type area with mostly conference guest. A nice typical Hilton buffet with some nice extras like a machine that you put fresh oranges in (grown in the Hilton garden area) and you get some of the freshest OJ. Also on offer was made to order eggs. The omelets were great!


After our first night in the lounge and the breakfast it was clear paying for an executive room would be worth it. (Also great as a Diamond perk)

Day two we returned to our room after a day along the Amalfi Coast and we found a letter telling us all executive lounge services will be offered in the lobby bar area and breakfast would be on offer in the small restaurant in the lobby also. I was a little skeptical of this but my-oh my was it a nice treat. I’m guessing the lounge was closed due to low off-season occupancy. I’m so happy this hotel just did not say sorry lounge closed! They did it right and speaks volumes for this hotel! We went to the bar tender “Genarro” this guy was great! Just one of the few hotel staff members I will remember for years, he made our stay! We asked him what do we get, he handed us a “menu” for the Executive lounge it listed Wine, Beer, Sparkling Wine and soft drinks (a basic open bar) nice. Also listed food items, like salad, vegetables, mixed Italian cheeses , cold meats, and “hot items”. We walked back to the bar to order and he said I will bring to your table.. The red wine came, and it was good. Then he started with the food, we did not have to order of this menu it was what we were getting! We had a 2-hour service of non-stop foods and drinks! It was great! WOW! The food was so good! 




Every member of staff was great at this hotel, helpful friendly and just fun to talk with.

The hotel has a large outdoor pool area that just overlooks the great views of the area, along with a very cool indoor pool.


The hotel location is a bit outside the city center of Sorrento but only a 15 min walk into town. It is a great base to see many of the things to see in the area like the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, and if you wanted the city of Naples. Unlike Naples Sorrento is much cleaner and enjoyable to hang out in. We did rent a car and driving is crazy in this area. If you do not have experience driving like an Italian I would book day trips and not drive. Driving is like playing a video game, things just jump out at you.


On or off-season this Hilton is great, many rooms are just renovated and during out stay other rooms were getting done. 


SgFm January 27, 2014 at 08:54 pm

Great report including pictures. We had a lovely stay there in April, several years ago. One of my favorite Hilton Hotels anywhere in the world.