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Hilton Manchester Airport (UK) - "Deluxe Room"

So I typically have a bit lower expectations for airport hotels, well the Hilton Manchester Airport (MAN) in the UK has just reinforced that. Sure I will be here only one night, for a very early flight.. but the little things matter to me. The check in experience was ok but I was not told I was upgraded as a HIlton Diamond, but sadly the only way I could tell that I was in fact “upgraded” was a sign on the door of the room stating “Deluxe Room”


The room reminded me of a college dorm room, the room was missing a long list of things to be at Hilton standards. There was no bed skirt and the worn and bit dirty box springs were exposed with the “Sealy” logo showing. The Shower curtain was on a straight rod when Hilton Standards call for a curved out rod. The shower curtain was also missing the snap in plastic inside layer, it was clear that this curtain was not washed or had the plastic layer for a long while.

The window frame was lined with mold..

The desk had a stain or mark on it..

Here are some photos:

Overview of the room
Something missing here?
Ok stuff happens..
Mold around the window...
Well more like a frame of mold around the frame.
Room entry area with Air Cooling system
A "light" layer of dirt.

So I posted this on the Hilton Hotels facebook page:

Just checked in to the Hilton Manchester Airport in the UK, my room reminds me of my old college dorm room. Still have the old crab-tree stuff, and as a Diamond I got no welcome amenity, as my rate included breakfast and there is no lounge here.. Per Hilton policy "If breakfast is included in the room rate, you’ll receive an alternate welcome amenity that varies by hotel." The Hilton brand standards folks need to help this place. :( FAIL...

So as disappointing as the hotel is.. I’m very impressed with Hilton for emailing me very quickly after I posted something. As I was typing this review there was a knock at my door, it was the front desk manager who was contacted by Hilton World Wide. She asked what was wrong with my room, so I gave her a tour pointing out all the problems. She was hung up on the fact that I bitched about not getting the diamond amenity, providing me with some reasons for not having one in the room. Sadly these were a bit hard to buy as she was telling me it was an airport hotel and they do not send up amenities before check in because rooms change all the time. That I do understand, but I told her I checked in online and this room was allotted by the hotel when I checked in.. the same room number that I was in. I also asked why at check in I was not told that an amenity would be sent up, like most other hotels? She could not provide any response.. she asked what I wanted as my amenity.. I asked her what is normally offered... once again no real answer. I get the feeling that this hotel just opted not to follow this Hilton policy as they opted out of many brand standards. As for the amenity I was offered a beer from the bar, I was told to meet up with her at the front desk and she would get me a drink from the bar. If this was a typical practice one would think there would be some voucher system in place.

Don’t get me wrong, I know she wanted to help and was she dealing with the situation well, it was clear the hotel upper management put her in a no win situation. She then offered to show me a different “renovated” room on the first floor. We walked to the room and she was telling me they are working on things at the hotel and the room she was going to show me was one of 4 that were renovated. Once I entered this room, it was just like they had pictured on the hotel page.

Screen Shot 2011-09-03 at 11.13.00 AM

It was a much better room, oddly it did not have the “deluxe” sign on the door. I asked what class room this was, she told me “Renovated King” I asked why they did not provide this room to a diamond as an upgrade.. Once again no real response. At check out today I noticed a sign at the front desk offering an “up-sell” to a renovated room, so now that all makes some sense. Sadly... this newly renovated room still had some issues, like the shower curtain problems listed above.

I did have dinner at the bar/lounge area with my “free” beer, and the service was very poor, I had to track down someone every time I needed something. I asked for the check, after 15 minutes waiting I walked out.. They did ask for my room number when I placed my order and the charge found its way to my bill.

I also told the front desk manager that I had some upcoming bookings at that hotel, she asked for my confirmation numbers and assigned me to the same “renovated” room. This was a nice move I guess.

So, if this place ever gets fully renovated it will be fine, but the so called deluxe room is crap, the bar and wait service was crap, the front desk service was ok, and the personal service from the manager was very good. The most impressive thing is how Hilton corp got in contact with me very fast. If I would have emailed them it would have been a few days to get some type of response. The power of social media.

One last comical thing, I called for a wake up call, I was told “we do not have the facilities to offer that service here” are you F@*king kidding me?!?! You are an airport hotel, a Hilton, and you do not do wake up calls. Sure, I can set a clock, and my phone but when you have a 0600 flight the more “back up alarms” in place the better. come on.. really?!!?

UPDATE: This is just a little sad and funny..I just was reading tripadvisor.com about this hotel and there was a photo posted that also show the stain on the desk. This person must of had the same room.. This photo on tripadvisor was from a stay Dec 2010, you would think this hotel would work to fix stuff like this.

  Screen Shot 2011-09-04 at 5.13.08 PM

You can read more reviews about this place here. You will notice that most people based in the UK like this place, most from the rest of the world dislike it. Take that as you will


Pretty sad for a Hilton.

Jimgotkp September 4, 2011 at 12:32 am

^^ +1. Can't believe the housekeeping supervisor gave approval for the room to be used. Really disappointing.

Ben Anjieri September 4, 2011 at 04:10 am

Thank you for the warning to travellers of what seems an awful place .

Damian September 4, 2011 at 08:54 am

Well.. yeah it is sad, I would demand the "renovated" room if you need/want to stay at this place. Sadly Hilton and other chains have some real disappointing hotels in the UK..

robert September 5, 2011 at 12:51 am

Sh*tty service is common in the UK. Folks from the UK are used to it and often ignore it - it doesn't mean the folks from the rest of the world should tolerate it though ...

Obviously folks should avoid this place until the complete their renovations ..

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