Herr Doctor VS The Captain

Well this was a first for me, an airport Doctor fighting with an airline lhbd2captain. With a nice and orderly on time boarding in Munich I took my seat 4D on a Lufthansa Flight operated by bmi for Lufthansa. (LH has BD operating flights for them from MUC and FRA to Manchester and Birmingham). The crew is a bmi crew with one German speaker. Most everyone was in their seats when 3 bright orange vest escort 3 passengers on board. It was a Doctor and some other EMS type people who worked for MUC airport.

They placed this yellow faced weak looking man in row one and told the lead FA that he was good to go. The FA looked shocked, ran into get the captain, he came out and asked this men if he was ok, it was clear at this point English was not going to work, the Doctor then told the captain he is fine. The crew got this sick man's friend - who was now in row 20 or something to translate.

The Captain asked if the man was able to get out of the aircraft if there was a problem, his friend replied, “Yes, I help him...” the captain photothen said this is a yes or no question.“Can he get off the aircraft without help?” The answer was not yes or no. At this point the yellow man was passed out in 1A, the Doctor told the captain to “get going” the man will sleep for the flight. He added, “I gave him a injection to make him sleep”.

The crew went into the flight-deck locking out the Doctor. The Doctor was not happy to be locked out and was trying to open the door. The Captain came out with the German speaking FA who told the LH flight operations rep that they were not going to take this man. The Doctor started to jump around yelling I’m the Doctor here! The Captain told him to “Get off my bloody aircraft.. NOW!!!”

After some more words he left. The sick man and his party started to walk out, they told them to wait for a wheelchair but they just picked the sick man up who then fell hard to the ground on the jetway and vomited all over the place. The Doctor was there to help, the captain walked to the door looked at the  Doctor and said, “You might be a Doctor but not a very good one” and closed the aircraft door. So now an hour and change later we depart.

The captain made the right call hands down, the crew did a good job, keeping us up to date with announcements. The LH ground staffed should have never let this man board, shame on them. The Doctor was a jack ass, I would not let him care for my dog. Here is how the bmi Captain explained what happened to the passengers when it was all over.