Happy 21st MUC Airport!

965000_575132492527723_55586131_o Today (May 17th) is the 21st birthday for Munich Airport (MUC). Munich is one of my favorite airports in Europe. Back in 1992 I got to fly out of the new Munich Airport. I lived in Germany when I was younger and in 1991 we landed at the Old Munich Airport -Munich-Riem Airport (German: Flughafen München Riem). This old airport was very old and as an 11 year old very scary, I never wanted to fly back home because of that old airport.





When my family flew in 1992 and went to the new Munich airport I think I first fell in love with air travel, flying Lufthansa as a child in the early 90’s was very cool. I kept getting toys and got a lot of attention from the LH staff and crew. When the airport opened up back in 1992 there was only one Terminal (today's T1 at MUC)

Some things you might not know about the MUC airport, the first flight to arrive on May 17 1992 was a UNITED airlines B727.


The passengers cleared German customs in a temporary set up in a Hanger.


LH had a 747-200 take off as the first flight to depart the new MUC.



Now MUC airport has 2 Terminals. With the newer T2 as the Home of LH and Star Alliance. T3 is also on the way as MUC grows even more.

Happy Birthday MUC! See you on Friday ;)

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UA-NYC May 17, 2013 at 11:06 am

Funny how the FRA and MUC experiences are night and day

Very cool post.