Flying for Status on US Airways in Envoy. (Part 1)

logo_us-airways_us-14 I just finished a mileage run to make UNITED 1K for next year. I was lucky to find a very good Business/First class fare on US Airways from Manchester, UK (MAN) to Seattle (SEA). I departed MAN on Friday on the MAN-PHL flight on a A330-300 in Envoy, followed by PHL-PHX on a A321 in First, and finally PHX-SEA on a A320 also in First. 

When I booked this I was thinking how bad can it be? The last time I was on US Airways was back in 2000 on an old and run down B767 in Economy and it was horrifying, I remember saying NEVER AGAIN.

So 11 years later… I did it again, but this time upfront.. so how did it go? To summarize.. not that bad. 

I will cover all this in a few post:

Envoy on US Airways from MAN-PHL (Part 1)

US Airways domestic first class service (Part 2)

Lounge/Club experiences in MAN/PHL/PHX/SEA (Part 3)

Return to Manchester in Envoy with Hotel Day Room as Arrival Lounge. (Part 4)

Ok lets start with the Envoy service to Philly.

Check in at Manchester Airport was slow even with an Envoy/Star Gold line the contracted staff was moving at a very slow pace. There was an expediter who had to ask me 4 times “Are you in Envoy?” I replied yes and I’m star gold each time. I did get to the counter there was very little interaction or even eye contact. I was handed my boarding passes and was told how to get to security. I asked what lounge was being used and if I needed an invitation as I knew in MAN Term 2 all the lounges are contracted.  He looked at me and said, you want to use the lounge? I looked back and said yes.. He then filled out a card for the lounge.

Boarding was ok, they did board Envoy first and I did get right onboard. I headed to my seat 1C, in the old US Airways First class cabin. On the A330-300 they still have 6 seats, 1 row of flat bed seats. This is open for anyone to pick, in the past they charged more for them, but I was able to pick row 1 when I booked. The seats are good, not fancy but work. They do go fully flat.The standard Envoy seats row 2-5 do not go flat.



The service is very hard to describe there were two male flight attendants working the front galley. They were friendly and very personable but not as professional as other airlines in a premium cabin. I think it has to do with the US Airways uniforms they look like jogging outfits. Never the less they were there to get you anything you needed.

The in flight entertainment was on the weak side; but better then the old UNITED looping video system. This was a larger screen with on demand movies and TV shows. The selection was a bit limited, and the menu system did appear to be dated.


The main meal service was good, I had a filet that was cooked very nice, they also made an Ice Cream Sundae.. here are some photos of the meal:






Bottles of water were provide after the meal, I like this over UNITED with the glasses of water at your seat, after a long nap the water gets that odd taste. I like to have a sealed bottle of water when I wake up.

Prior to arrival there was a second meal service, this hot choice was a “pizza” it was pesto with cheese and sun dried tomatoes. It was good.


Over all the flight was good, better then I was expecting for sure. I was very please with the food.


I love sundaes on Sundays! ;)

Nice report--the food looks good and the seat, though dated, looks perfectly comfortable.

Ken 747-400 November 18, 2011 at 02:23 am

That seat looks terribly narrow..........less width than on UA.

Damian November 18, 2011 at 06:22 am

@Ken yes they look very thin, they are 19.5" wide. UA's old C seats are 20.5. I think they look thiner b/c how tall the back is. I did not have any problem with the width.