First time to fly @ 71 & 78

Most every frequent flyer can think back to their first flight, I can recall as a kid flying from BWI to Orlando on Eastern Airlines to see Mickey. 

I was lucky to be able to fly at a young age but I never did think about the people in the world who just never experienced a take off! 


This is a great video about two Dutch grandmothers, An, age 71, and Ria, age 78, who ever given the chance to fly, which they had never done before. Vodafone has launched a campaign titled “Firsts” which provides opportunities for people to do things for the first time. Here is the story of An and Ria who just took their first flight and they loved it. Watch as they prepare for the flight, with An going through a simulated ride, and Ria doing loop-de-loops on a rollercoaster. 

An and Ria prove that there is always a chance to try something new and it’s possible to overcome your fears, no matter your age.

I will add it was a private jet, who wouldn't love that. 

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