Eyjafjallajökull got me again! Ash over Munich.

It was a very nice and sunny day today in the German and Austrian Alps. I flew down from Frankfurt on Friday and was to fly back today from Munich. As I was pulling up to the Munich Airport I could tell something was wrong.. Lots of parked aircraft, and no movement, I pulled out my Iphone and checked out Lufthansa.com to see that Munich was closed due to ASH.. along with Stuttgart all Austrian airports and airports in northern Italy. I parked my rental car (did not return it thinking I might need it) and went into MUC Thermal 2 to see a sea of people.. Luckily at the MUC airport the First Class and Star Gold check in is a bit hidden, walked there to find a line of 10 people. After a 20 min wait a very nice and helpful Lufthansa agent told me I could take the train back to Frankfurt, she printed “boarding passes” for the train. It was really a voucher for any train from Munich to Frankfurt. I was told to take the train from the airport to the Munich Main station then get on any train to Frankfurt. The printed boarding pass was my train ticket when checked on the train the voucher printed on boarding pass stock was taken; my stub was ripped off and handed back to me. It was a very easy process but thank God for my Star Gold status to use the first class check in counter to be taken care of. I just got home about 5 hours later then scheduled. The train ride was ok, it was packed with people with a ton of luggage.. I really do not like trains.. It was on a high speed ICE, it was 3h3m on the train vs 35 min in the air. Oh well I’m home but this Ash cloud stuff is making air travel in Europe so undependable.. I’m to fly again Saturday.. and hope it is an Ash free day!

FYI - Munich was closed from 3pm CET to around 11pm CET

This is now posted on Lufthansa.com
All German airports are reopened. Normal flight operations expected until further notice.

I guess "normal" is only temporary in the days of Eyjafjallajökull