Doubletree by Hilton Seattle Airport - Good pick for Hilton VIP's

DoubleTree_by_Hilton_logo_2011   This could be my favorite hotel in the US, as I live in Europe I do not experience many US hotels. I have been a guest at the DoubleTree at SEA airport over 10 times now, and I have to say consistency is this hotels best trait and over the past 4 years I have been impressed with seeing the same staff over and over, the same and very good diamond VIP treatment and just overall room quality. The only thing this hotel needs is an executive lounge and it would be perfect.


This property is massive, there is a 13 story tower building and 4-5 smaller 2-3 story buildings on the grounds. As a diamond I have always been upgraded to the tower, 3 times to the Penthouse floor. I have not noticed much difference in the rooms on floor “PH” but it is cool to hit the “Penthouse” button in the elevator.


How Hilton Elites are treated:
I like how this hotel gives you a $10.00 food credit per person, this is for your “breakfast perk” but you can use it for any food or drink at any hotel outlet, including room service. If you happen to book a rate with breakfast you get a voucher for a full breakfast, PLUS the $10 cert. This is great when you have an early morning flight and do not have time to eat at the hotel in the AM, you can have dinner or a drink. It is important to note the “per person” part of this, if you book a room for 2 people (and you are only 1) you will get $20.00 per day. I have noticed a rate difference at times for 2 people vers 2, but not all the time. This food certificate system is also in place at the Hilton at SEA airport, I really like how the full service Hilton Cluster at SEA airport do this. Upgrades are nice, and have always happened for me. There is also a Diamond welcome cheese plate that will be sent to your room. Thumbs up to the VIP treatment!


Always has been good, in all parts of the hotel, the front desk are welcoming and helpful. The food service staff are personable and attentive, this is from room service to the bar. This last stay I called the careline and it was refreshing to have such a happy and helpful person on the other end of the line.

Airport Bus service:

They run big Blue Bird busses back and forth to the airport all the time. The drivers are helpful at loading the bags in the back. This is a quick 3 min drive to the hotel and has always been there for me within a few min. The hotel is so close you could walk from the airport, and I have done it once or twice.

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Other guest at this hotel:
Most of the major US and some International airlines use this hotel for crews, I have been in the shuttle with my flights captain many times. Princess cruise lines also uses this hotel for it’s passengers, I in-fact did a cruise of Alaska a few years back and Princess put me up in this hotel.. I was still upgraded on this stay. They did not have to do this as it was booked by Princess, but it was nice that they did.


In room technology:
In the past the downside to this hotel was lack of in-room wifi, I was very happy to see on this stay they installed the new AT&T wifi service that is rolling out Hilton system wide in the USA. There is also now HD tv stations. It is good to see the investment in this area.

The room for this stay:DTSEA-06979
I was upgraded to a suite on the Penthouse level, it was nice, the best was the bathroom! Huge shower.. I loved it.. Here are some photos of the suite:











This is the place to stay around the airport in Seattle, the shuttle will take you to the light rail system that will get you downtown. The light rail station is also a nice walk from the hotel.

Now i’m sure not every Diamond gets upgraded to a suite or the Penthouse floor, but it is very clear that the hotel is aware who is their loyal guest and take care of them. So if you need a hotel at the SEA airport, give the DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport a try. I think you will like it.


Jimgotkp November 14, 2011 at 09:46 pm

Have you had any experience as a Gold member here?

Damian November 14, 2011 at 09:47 pm

No I have not as a Gold, but I think they use the same $10 food credit thing.

Darren November 14, 2011 at 11:58 pm

Excellent review and I'll be Diamond soon... will certainly stay here next year if the need arises.

Wendy McNabb September 4, 2013 at 11:11 pm

Hi Damian,

Great to see that you are enjoying DoubleTree by Hilton in Seattle. We are going to be opening a DoubleTree by Hilton across the border in the beautiful city of Victoria. We plan on opening in May 2014. Hopefully, you will come and check us out. Let me know when you plan on coming to Victoria!


Wendy McNabb