DoubleTree by Hilton Introduces New Global Brand Identity

Put this in the what are they thinking file. Hilton put out a press release about the new identity of their DoubleTree brand. This new marketing will start in 2011, and they say that the“…logo to symbolize the refreshed strength and renewed style that represents the brand today.” I think it looks like crap. The current logo to me is more modern and kind of iconic. The DoubleTree brand is not very consistent, but in my experience it is getting better, some of the crappy hotels were dropped or forced to improve. Hilton has also started to push the DoubleTree brand in Europe and around the world using the name DoubleTree by Hilton and most of these new hotels are really nice! I get a brand re-launch but if you are going for a modern and improved image this new logo missed the mark!

I think Hilton and Double Tree marketing made some progress a few years back with the “Braches Spot” and the Relax Max theme (watch here) also notice the logo at the end of the add.. it was different then the office brand logo.. and better in my option to the new one coming in 2011

You can find the Hilton Press Release here

Here is a side by side of the current and new logo:

Current DoubleTree LogoDoubleTree logo starting in 2011


mowogo October 16, 2010 at 06:07 am

As a standalone logo, the new one does not work. However, since it goes along with the shift in branding Hilton has done with their main line and corporate logos, it works. And although the old logo is a better logo, it is associated with those run down hotels that have either left or been forced to improve, so a new logo is really required.

I'll take choice C, the original logo!

30+ years as trained graphic designer/art director, their new logo looks like some ones untrained relative put this horrible logo together. The original is clean and has brand equity. Classic example of change just to change. If they needed a new logo then design a better logo not some clip art jumbled mess that will be a bitch to reproduce when applied very small. Thumbs down. Call in an expert!!