Today UNITED airlines confirmed that CEO Jeff Smisek has stepped down along with 2 of his crack management team.

United said Mr. Smisek’s departure is related to federal and internal investigations associated with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

I got the news as waiting for my bags for over an hour a SFO. I guess the staff in the baggage room was having a parting over this news.

Former railroad executive Oscar Munoz was named the new CEO and president of UNITED. Old Jeffy will receive a separation payment in the amount of $4,875,000, and remain eligible for a pro-rated bonus.

Jeffy will have health insurance until his is eligible for Medicare, and maintain flight benefits (I hope in the back) and parking privileges for the remainder of his lifetime. He also gets to keep his company car, this is according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission described the terms of Smisek's separation agreement.

I did notice flying UNITED over the past few days there was no Jeff video before the safety video. As a UNITED flyer I hope that Oscar Munoz can fix the airline and get it back to the good old days. Also bring the old United Logo back ;)