Blue1 (KF) mini-trip Report to Kittilä Finland on UA reward ticket

Thanks to a UNITED reward ticket for 25,000 miles I was able to fly up to Northern Finland for a week of fun in the Snow. Got to fly Blue1 a part of the SAS group and also a member of the Star Alliance. When booking this reward ticket I had a hard time getting multiple United agents to book a reward on Blue1 as a part of a Star reward, they kept telling me that Blue1 was a partner but not part of the Star Alliance. After 4 or 5 calls got an agent to look Blue1 up.. and she said, “our system is wrong, it is listed just as a partner.. but they are in star” after some time on hold and supervisors on the line I booked Frankfurt – Helsinki on LH with a 23 hour 55 min stop (within Europe reward stop over are not allowed but connections under 24 hours are). Then Blue1 (KF) up to Kittilä Finland. (Airport KTT). Returning the same route all in one day. My LH flight was like any other, got the *Gold seat block next to me, and enjoyed a cold breakfast, two rolls some ham, salami, and cheese. Arrived right on time at Helsinki my bags were the first to come out with my priority tags on them, then enjoyed a day in Helsinki. The next day walked over to T2 at HEL airport from the Hilton Helsinki Airport, checked in at the Blue1/SAS gold line. When checking in the SAS agent was very nice, I asked if the flight was full, she told me there were a few open seats.. I asked if one of them could be next to me, like Lufthansa.. She told me, that the LH system has that service built in but the SAS/Blue1 system will not block.. The equipment was an MD90 2 – 3 configuration she put me and my buddy in a window and aisle on the 3 side, telling me she would call the Bangkok flight management desk to block the seat between us. We went to the SAS lounge; it was like many other SAS lounges, with a cold bar of food, rolls and drinks. It was an ok lounge but knocks the socks off any Red Carpet Club. A few minutes before the posted boarding time I was approached by the lounge staff, informing me that I could pre-board now and the middle seat was blocked. I walked to the gate with the lounge agent, was greeted by the gate agent by name, and was number 1 to board. I was impressed with the interior of the MD90 it was in good shape, and the headrest covers had an SAS logo on them. The crew was good on board, it was a buy on board service I paid 7 Euro for a large Ham sandwich and red wine. The water was free. The flight was quick and on time. Landing at KTT was cool as the runway was snow covered, and we could walk out the back tail door of the MD90. The Blue1 service was just like any SAS flight I have been on. I think SAS Norway has the best crews and I think Blue1 was right behind.. the CPH and ARN based crews are so so in my book. When checking in at KTT for the return flights, the agent did not have a computer; she was hand writing boarding passes and bag tags. She was working off the master flight list. I asked if the computers were down, I was told we do not use computers here. My bag was checked to FRA, but she could not give me a hand written boarding pass for my LH flight. Flight back was about the same. Got the HEL went to the transfer desk to pick up my LH boarding pass, and got home. The HEL to FRA flight was at dinner time and was provided a really good hot meal, it was curry chicken with mashed potatoes. My bags also made it with the hand written tags. Here are some photos from the Kittilä and Levi area.










Damian September 2, 2012 at 09:31 am

Levilehto Apartments

Really good location and good rates. I went Feb 10-17 right before peak season.