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Hyatt Place hotels coming to Europe

Hyatt and HILLGATE Properties, a Dutch real estate developer, announced Hyatt Place hotel in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. The hotel will open in Mid-2013 and will be the first Hyatt Place Hotel in Europe.

Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport, with have around 330 rooms, will be located in Hoofddorp, close to Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Currently there are over 160 Hyatt Place hotels in the U.S. and around 30 under development throughout the U.S., India, Panama and Costa Rica according to Hyatt. Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport will be the second Hyatt property to open in Netherlands, with the expected opening of the new Andaz Amsterdam in 2012.

It will be nice to get more Hyatt brands in Europe, but I would really like to see more Park Hyatts or even Hyatt Regencys in Europe.

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SCORE! First Class Reward on Lufthansa A380 - LOST! Thanks Mothernature!

About a year ago I was able to book two 1st class rewards on Lufthansa with my UNITED miles; shockingly on the A380. This was just days before LH zeroed out all the reward seats in First on the A380. I was shocked that I was able to score these seats. I went a long time before telling anyone, I had a feeling that somehow I would brag too much and LH or UA would take these seats away. I did have some Dreams Nightmares of my A380 First class seats going away..

Well about 3 weeks ago I ...

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Grand Hyatt Cairo no longer a Hyatt effective immediately.

Just posted on Hyatt.com, looks like the Grand Hyatt Cairo will be losing the Hyatt name effective immediately. It is not clear if the Hotel will be run as a new chain or as an independent hotel. But as of today, it is no longer a Hyatt.

Unresolved Contractual Disputes Force Hyatt Exit; Egypt Remains Important to Hyatt Despite Its Exit From the Grand Hyatt Cairo.

From a statement posted on Hyatt.com,
“It is unfortunate that the contractual disputes have not been ...

Lufthansa.com stops selling flights to NRT (Tokyo)

As I have been reporting Lufthansa has pulled its flights from Tokyo but they are saying that it is a temporary move but as of this blog post you can not book flights from Frankfurt or Munich to Tokyo. The only statement on Lufthansa.com is this, "Lufthansa is re-routing all its Tokyo/Narita flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Osaka and Nagoya via Seoul until further notice till Monday, 28.03.2011"

What is going to happen to the A380 that was on the FRA-NRT route, will LH put it on a different route, or just let it get some rest in FRA?!??!

Here is what I'm getting when trying to book a flight to NRT from FRA or MUC:

Airlines Dropping Tokyo: Radiation Risk

Alitalia joined Lufthansa in keeping flights away from Tokyo as nuclear workers in Japan flight a meltdown at reactors damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.

Alitalia will divert its 14 weekly Tokyo trips from Rome and Milan to Osaka. Alitalia’s switch to Osaka was “to guarantee maximum regularity of flights,” Alitalia said today that passengers scheduled to fly to Tokyo will receive as much as 130 euros ($182) in compensation.

Lufthansa said it’s ...

VIDEO: Inside Tokyo Narita Airport During Earthquake

Check out this crazy video from inside Narita Airport during the big earthquake on Friday. You can see the Star Alliance check in area shaking for over 2 minutes! This video was posted on youtube by tsurukokemomo.

The press is reporting that Ibaraki Airport reopened today. Hanamaki Airport and Fukushima Airport will operate for the transportation of relief and rescue supplies to the affected areas. Tokyo Narita resumed normal operations on Saturday.

Lufthansa scans Japan flights for radioactivity - Pulls A380

"This is a precautionary measure for us," a Lufthansa spokesman told news agency AFP.

At the Lufthansa hubs in Frankfurt and Munich all flights from Japan were checked by airport fire departments but no radioactivity has been detected so far.

A source at Frankfurt airport said that only Lufthansa had taken the measure.

Lufthansa has also pulled the A380 from the FRA-NRT route till further notice, they have also set up a revised timetable:

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Major Cruise Lines: Little Impact From Tsunami

As frequent travelers we all wonder about how others are being effected by events like today's Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and thinking I could have been there, or I was there last week... I know many of us started to look at the flight status of our airline to see what went on during today's events. When I first turned on the TV around 8am in Germany I was shocked to see this tragic news. I must admit my first thought was, what about my cruise in Asia in about 40 days. I jumped online to ...

VIDEO: Delta Skyclub at Narita Airport during Earthquake.

Check out this crazy video inside the Delta Skyclub at NRT during the big Earthquake, the video was posted on CNN's iReport.

Reports are the everyone was ok in the lounge and were evacuated from the building. Lots of broke glass and as you can see in the video something fall from the ceiling.

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Commercial aircraft diverted from Narita to Yokota AirForce Base.

I had a friend heading to Japan today, and was on UNITED 837 from SFO to NRT, he was diverted to OKO - Yokota Air Force Base. He left me a voice with very little details, but he was on the ground on the US Air Force Base.

Here is the latest Info provided by 374th Airlift Wing Public Affairs office:
Several commercial aircraft have diverted to Yokota Air Base from Narita International Airport, after it closed in response to an earthquake that hit mainland Japan at 2:50 p.m. today.

"The 374th Airlift Wing is prepared and ready to assist during this time of crisis," said Col. Otto Feather, 374th Airlift Wing commander.

Here are more photos from the US AF in Yokota

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Over the past week there was some articles on how UNITED will launch a new look to it's web page.. Well, did it just happen? Did the UNITED web team update on the fly?

Here is the first update, the new logo way out of ratio:

About 10 min later this happened:

You will also notice the new UNITED Mileage Plus logo around the page.

New page title banners are also slowly showing up:

The sad thing is.. not much new, and if you are going to change your image on a web page, update it!! the old logo is still all over the place.. Do not update it part by part live and on the fly...  Really a poor way to launch your new look UNITED!

Also look for new AD's starting today with the new look for UNITED.

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Lufthansa dealing with IROPS

On Saturday, Lufthansa (LH) 104 from FRA to MUC had a mechanical, it was a problem with the breaking system. It was clear the flight would not be taking off on time as the tire was being removed at gate A1. It was a very cool view of the side of the A321, and I watched in amazement how Lufthansa technic was quick to deal with the problem. The gate agents who already got to know me as the printed my 4 boarding passes for the day (FRA-MUC/MUC-IAD/IAD-DEN/DEN-SEA), walked up to me and informed ...

The New UNITED will still have Economy Plus!

Well the news is here, Scott O’Leary Managing Director, Customer Solutions for UNITED airlines is reporting Economy Plus is here to stay!

UNITED will be retaining our Economy Plus seating on all current United aircraft and will be adding an Economy Plus seating section to the fleet of Continental aircraft starting in 2012. This will be a multi-year effort, and the specific timing won’t be provided till a later date and UNITED has a better sense of the ...

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UA/CO -European Cross-Fleeting starting soon..

Looks like some of the changes they hope we are going to like are coming soon. United and Continental will be starting some European Cross-Fleeting. In June 2011 the cross-fleeting on European operation will begin, where some CO routes replaced by UNITED aircraft and vice versa.

Here are the first routes to get upgrades and downgrades:

Newark – Brussels eff 29SEP11 UNITED 777 replace Continental 767-400ER
(Going from 2 ...

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Review of the Hilton Mainz - After its Renovations

Hilton has two hotels in Mainz Germany, and the Hilton Mainz on the banks of the Rhine River is just about done a Multi-Million Euro refurbishment. The other Hilton in the City “The Hilton Mainz City” was renovated about 5 years ago. The changes are very dramatic! Here is a before and after of the main lobby:

check out more photos below and here!

I had the pleasure of staying in a brand new Jr. Suite at the Hilton Mainz. I was pleasantly ...

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Austrian, BMI, Swiss join transatlantic joint venture

Three Lufthansa Group Ailrlines; Austrian Airlines, British Midland International (BMI) and Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) will join the immunized transatlantic joint venture established in 2009 by Air Canada, Continental Airlines, Lufthansa and United Airlines.

Reports are that the three carriers will join the joint venture sometime this year "as sub-brands of Lufthansa, not as individual partners"

What is all this mean? Well right now when you look for ...

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Hyatt Sale - 22 Central US hotels ends Feb 9

Hyatt Hotels has a 50% off sale at 22 hotels through Wednesday, Feb 9.

This is being promoted on individual hotel websites, Twitter and Facebook.

* 50% rate based on Hyatt Daily Rate
* Prepaid and nonrefundable. No changes allowed.
* Eligible for hotel stays from Feb 8 – April 30, 2011.
* Promotion code HY50, FCB50 or TWT50.

Full details about the sale here!

Here are some of the Hotels you can enjoy at 50% off: (there is no published ...

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Save $100 off your next Lufthansa flight

Save money on your next flight to Europe or beyond! 

Lufthansa is giving away $100 discount codes today till Feb 21!

Click here to get your code from Lufthansa!

The voucher is valid for bookings made on lufthansa.com for travel till March 31, 2011.

Terms of use:

* The voucher can be redeemed between 02/02/2011 and 21/02/2011.
* Travel must be between 02/02/2011 and 31/03/2011.
* Vouchers are only valid for itineraries where all flights are operated by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Italia and Lufthansa Regional Partner (incl. Lufthansa City Line and Eurowings).
* The voucher is only valid for flights departing in United States of America.
* Once a promotion code is applied to a reservation and a booking code is issued, the promotion code is considered used and may not be reapplied, reactivated or replaced.

Thanks LH! 

BREAKING NEWS: Chicago O’Hare airport (ORD) CLOSED Feb 1 - 3

Chicago O’Hare airport (ORD) will have limited operations through 6 p.m. CST on Tuesday, February 1, and will be closed from 6 p.m. CST on Tuesday, February 1, through 10 a.m. CST on Thursday, February 3, 2011.

Some History for you: Planes at O'Hare were buried in the blizzard of 1979 when 16.5 inches of snow fell in one day on Jan. 13. ORD is expected to get 20+ inches starting Tuesday night.

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Snow Storm Alert: Hyatt Has You Covered!

Chicago is home to Hyatt's corporate headquarters. Chicago will be affected by a winter storm that has some forecasting up to two feet of snow. As we most know ORD is a major hub for UNITED and a hub for American Airlines. Hyatt wants people to know there are better places to sleep then on the floor at the airport! To help make things easier for travelers, Hyatt has compiled a list of hotels that will offer "Snow Rates". This is really good to see, hotels could hike rates up so high ...

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