SCORE! First Class Reward on Lufthansa A380 - LOST! Thanks Mothernature!

About a year ago I was able to book two 1st class rewards on Lufthansa with my UNITED miles; shockingly on the A380. This was just days before LH zeroed out all the reward seats in First on the A380. I was shocked that I was able to score these seats. I went a long time before telling anyone, I had a feeling that somehow I would brag too much and LH or UA would take these seats away. I did have some Dreams Nightmares of my A380 First class seats going away..

Well about 3 weeks ago I started to tell people about my upcoming flight in April on the A380 from Frankfurt to Tokyo. Then the earthquake, the tsunami, and Nuclear meltdown. The first thing Lufthansa did was pull the A380, and as of today they are not even flying to Tokyo.

My booked reward was the following:
FRA-NRT On Lufthansa A380 - First
NRT-SIN On ANA - First

My return (open jaw)
PEK-ICN On Asiana - Business
ICN-FRA On Asiana - First

So over many days I have been watching the events unfold in Japan, and just saddened by the events. I can not even start to know how the people of Japan must feel after a 1-2-3 punch.

So.. after nights of no sleep over this question, "Should I change my flight and avoid Tokyo?" I started to look at the First Class reward inventory to Singapore. I'm a tad flexible on dates but have a cruise ship to board on April 20. My original flights were departing on April 14, arriving in Singapore via Tokyo on April 15. All my lodging is booked and some day trips are set so I really did not want to change the dates much. When I was looking, 2 First Class seats appeared on LH direct from FRA-SIN on a 747 on April 14. I started to look around and after a few hours, these 2 seats were the only First Class seats from FRA-SIN for all of April. Now I started to see this as a message from the Airline Gods.

I wanted to make sure that I was going to fly Lufthansa First out of Frankfurt so I could use the Lufthansa First Class Terminal. So now what to do?!?! Do I call UNITED and move to the direct LH 747 service to Singapore "The Sure Thing" or stick with my current booking on the FRA-NRT flight, with some question marks around it, will LH be flying to NRT on April 14? Will it have the A380? Will it still stop in ICN to swap crews, and make me miss my ANA connection? What will LH do when I show up with a First class reward on a flight that might not be operating normally?

I knew I had to act, only 2 First class seats on the LH Singapore flight.. So I did what still makes me a tad sick, I made the call to move the the FRA-SIN flight.. scrapping the A380. The First Class on the Lufthansa A380 is brand new, and the First Class on the 744 is an older style but on the upper deck.

Did I do the right thing? What would you have done?

There is some good news, I got 20K miles back for this new routing, when I was ticketed the reward rates for Europe to Asia were 160,000 miles for 1 person in First, but I was "charged" an extra 10,000 miles per seat for the routing via NRT. The very helpful agent worked hard to get my 20K miles back.

So now I'm looking forward to my trip in around 25 days, enjoying the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, a First Class seat on Lufthansa's longest (by miles) regularly scheduled flight. Look for a massive trip report covering this flight, 5 nights in the Conrad Singapore, a 21 day Cruise/Land Tour with Princess Cruise Lines from Singapore to Beijing by sea (16 days) then "The Best of China" land tour with nights in the Marriott Beijing City Wall and The Shangri-La Golden Flower Hotel, Xi'an, followed by one night in the Hyatt Regency ICN Airport, then to end it all, First Class on Asiana from ICN to FRA.


Damian, I would have left the reservation as is and gambled. You might have been rebooked on the n/s to SIN in full-F!

Was there any award space from NRT-SIN if you connected immediately?

Lelee March 18, 2012 at 10:31 pm

You did the right thing. The uncertainty factor can ruin a trip with multiple dependencies. You can always fly the A380 in F on another date in the future.

Andreas Deeg July 6, 2014 at 03:01 am

Wer das lesen kann ist dumm.