Virgin America Keeps their Frequent Flier Program Relevant: 18 Month Expiration After Last Activity

I really like flying Virgin America. I think it’s a great in-flight experience. Frequent fliers can do much better with traditional legacy carriers, but if you don’t fly that often, I think Virgin America is a GREAT way to travel. They had one thing that really annoyed me, though. Elevate (their frequent flier) points would expire 18 months after they were given to you. That means even if you flew Virgin America like a madman for 18 months, you might still not get enough points for a single first class award ticket cross country, and the earlier points you earned would expire the next month. Once I figured that out, I stopped flying them. As of today, they’re changing their ways! I just got an e-mail from Virgin America, letting me know that my points will now expire 18 months after the last activity (just like United’s). So now every time I fly, my expiration date gets pushed out another 18 months. Nice job, Virgin America. This was a much needed change to your frequent flier program.


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