United Flight Attendant Makes Me…. an iPhone Stand?

iphone stand

I was getting some work done this morning on UA 517 from Atlanta to Chicago, and I had things organized on my tray table quite nicely. I had my 11" MacBook Air on the left, where I was working. On the right, I had my iPhone propped up against my Diet Coke can so I could watch some video podcasts while getting work done.

As I was working, the flight attendant came over to me, and he handed me an updside down coffee cup with a portion of the cup neatly cut out of the bottom. He propped his iPhone in there and said, "See - now that's better isn't it?" He had made an iPhone stand out of a coffee cup.

I was like, "Um yes - much better." He put his phone back in his pocket, grabbed mine, propped it in the stand, and walked away with a smile. What a nice guy! Every now and then I get a flight attendant that goes way beyond their job description, and today happened to be one of those times.

To the first class flight attendant on UA 517 ATL-ORD on 12/14/2011, thank you very much!!


Very cool! I'll have to try this on my next flight.

Hmmm. I prefer sickbags for iPhone's. I'm not sure why ;)

I've proved GhettoIFE systems are compatible with United Domestic First ;)

Still - a clever design...

Franklyn December 20, 2011 at 05:26 pm

I hope you tweeted that to @united

Grace January 16, 2013 at 05:47 pm

Genius...I mean they make some cases with the stand built it, but in a pinch this is genius.

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