UA 862 SFO-DEN: Free WiFi, Good Food, and Great Service!

Blogging at 35,000 feet sure is fun. I'm currently on UA 862 SFO-DEN, and I must say that this has been one of the more enjoyable flights I've had in a while. I was a bit late to board, and once I made it, I made my way up to 1A, the bulkhead. Before I ever asked, Linda, the friendly flight attendant, offered to put my bag in the closet and pull it out for me after takeoff. Thanks, Linda!

Due to a late incoming flight and general disarray at SFO, the flight was 90 minutes late. Bummer. But as soon as I sat in my seat, I noticed that this plane didn't have the typical covered up EMPower port. Instead, it had a full-on 120V plug, a la P.S. flights. Sweet! At first I thought UA was finally converting all the ports, but then I figured that didn't make sense because why would they waste time and money doing that when the whole configuration, in general, is up in the air given the merger.

I speculated that this might be the same, unique one-of-a-kinda UA 757 with the different style of Economy seats and WiFi (which never works) that I was on a couple months ago. After we took off, the FA confirmed this by saying that this was a "special" flight with in-flight WiFi. Woot! I turned my phone on, and I was expecting it to automatically connect to the GoGo In-Flight WiFi. Instead, I had to manually navigate to the "united" SSID.

After signing on, I had to click through a couple screens, but I never had to pay. WiFi was free! I'm sure the free wifi won't last, but it has been quite the treat to have on this flight.

I'm a pretty easy guy to please. I don't need all the frills or great service. Just give me a comfy seat, laptop power, and wifi, and that's all I need. Good food was also be a plus.

Speaking of food, I thought it was pretty good on the flight as well. I ordered the turkey salad, and that came with a cup of cream of mushroom + brie soup. The salad was average, but the soup was great! The service was fantastic. Linda was the friendliest UA flight attendant I've encountered in quite a while. And she was very attentive!

Lastly, when it was time to eat my chocolate chip cookie, I was surprised to see that it came served in a bakery cookie bag, rather than on a plate. To be honest, I like the touch! While it may have been some soft of cost saving measure, I think it's fun. I approve.

Anyhow, time for me to submit this post before we touch down! Oh P.S. Matthew blogged about not having anymore pillows in UA domestic first class, as of today. I can confirm that there was a blanket, but no pillow, on my seat.


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