The Pee Pad at the JFK Red Carpet Club Really Grosses Me Out

Sure... males have been known to miss the urinal from time to time. We're all guilty of that one. How does such a problem get solved? Someone comes in and mops the bathroom. At the JFK Red Carpet Club, they have a different solution. There is a cylindrical padding that is pushed against the wall, designed to absorb urine. If this is not the intent of padding, then it is surely what actually happens. This padding often has stains on it, and it grosses me out to think that someone is supposed to theoretically swap this out for a new one regularly. I have always found one of the perks of a lounge to be nicer bathrooms, but the JFK RCC pee pad really detracts from the niceness of that one. United, can we please get rid of that thing?


The bathrooms at JFK are really, really in need of an update.

David Balcon June 26, 2011 at 09:17 am

It amazes me that men who supposedly manage the great corporations of the world just cannot aim into that large bowl! It's no wonder most airport lounge washrooms are in need of upgrading. Just goes to show Men Are Pigs no matter how far up the ladder they've managed to climb! But not only are the floors under the urinals in need of constant swabbing down, a bit of ventilation would be nice. There seems to be no airflow in the RCC men's washrooms particularly at ORD (all three) and SFO (domestic)!

Brad June 26, 2011 at 03:29 pm


That looks like an absorbent typically used to contain spills, not a few dribbles from men with poor aim. Maybe they had a blocked drain and left it there?

What shocks me is that there are 2 urinals in a RCC that appear to be in working order. Sadly that is all too rare in my experience.

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