"iPod Integration" ~ United Needs to Update Their Inflight AV Software

In terms of quality of seat and entertainment, I think United's business class is quite competitive. The screen is huge, and the controller is nice and response. There's a huge amount of content to view. However, I think it's time to fix up the iPod integration.


Take a look at the picture, which I snapped on one of my recent flights. When was the last time you saw somebody with one of those devices? It has been years! Problem one: the image doesn't represent reality. Those devices aren't even on the market anymore.

The next surprise comes when you actually plug in any modern iPod or iPhone. Nothing happens. The system doesn't detect the device. Your phone / iPod will get charged, but that's all that happens.

We've got a picture of something that doesn't exist and the functionality doesn't even function. Honestly, given the proliferation of iPads, Kindles, iPod Touches, and everything in between, I don't think United even needs to offer iOS / Android / whatever integration. Just remove the section from the AV system so it's not confusing… and  give us our darn satellite based WiFi, Jeff Smisek!


PacificHub October 23, 2012 at 04:20 pm

The ipod integration does need a Griffin eXport cable, available from Apple and others. It plugs into the round multi-pin connector, not the USB plug, and works at the very least with iPad and 4th gen iPod touch.

Justin October 23, 2012 at 06:38 pm

I agree it is time for an update on the graphics and connectors. But I have success when using the new ipods if using the old dongle i purchased a couple years ago that connects to the serial port at the monitor the USB port is only power. These dongles are as hard to find now as an empower adapter for a 767.

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