Grossed out by the Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan Chelsea Shower Drain

Let me start off by saying I really hate the Four Points by Sheraton brand. In fact, as a rule, I really don't like Sheratons in general (yes, there are exceptions to the rule). In fact, I wouldn't even be staying at this crappy property if it weren't for the ridiculous $129 rate (In NYC!?!?) and SPG's awesome, yet completely annoying, promo. However, putting my personal preferences aside, I expect all Starwood, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriot, etc chains to be clean - that's part of the benefit of picking from a chain of hotels. You have a level of quality and cleanliness that meet's the brand's expectations.

With this in mind, I was quite grossed out to see my half broken, old, yellow shower drain, complete with "stuff" dripping from it. Absolutely filthy. Good thing I'm only staying here for one night! It's late. I'm going to bed. I'm not going to raise a big stink about it, and I will step around it tomorrow when I take my shower, but I'm definitely going to bring it up when I check out.

Would you be grossed out? Do you consider that drain unacceptable? If it were not this late / if I were staying here more than one night, there's no WAY I would accept this room.

UPDATE: I was contacted by the Sheraton Four Points, and they will be refunding my stay. I appreciate their willingness to "make the situation right," and I'll give the property a shot at some point in the future and report on the drain :-).


That's gross. Bring it up to the front desk when you check out and magically see your bill reduced!

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