Delta Sky Zone: A Lounge for the Kids!


Yesterday, Delta unveiled a new lounge for kids, the Delta Sky Zone. It's basically a kids-only lounge with XBOX 360s, televisions, educational materials, and more. I'm a bit jealous of those kids! I wish our big-boy and big-girl lounges had XBOX 360s in them. Growing up with my father traveling frequently, my brother and I are were fortunate enough to frequently join he and my mother for trips around the country. My LEAST favorite part of these trips were the Red Carpet Clubs. While I value that membership today, my childhood memories of going into the Red Carpet Club include my mom telling us to be quiet, being disappointed that McDonalds was on the outside of the club and I couldn't bring food in, and the overall lack of entertainment in there. If only we had Sky Zones! However, there is one interesting part of their blog post...

. . . we have some great news for those of you sending your kids through our unaccompanied minor program. Now, when your kids connect through Atlanta they’ll enjoy our new Delta Sky Zones on Concourses B, C and E!

Delta does not tell us if we can send our kids there, even if they're accompanied by us. They also don't mention if these Sky Zones will be close to Sky Clubs. Layovers with kids would be MUCH easier if the kids could go hang out in the Sky Zone while the parents lounged in the Sky Club. Furthermore, I bet most of the other Sky Club guests would be happy to have less kids in there!


Hmm... I think I would have enjoyed that lounge as much as any kid :)

Alexis June 16, 2015 at 11:16 am

I was staying in one of these and sure they xboxes and all of that. They also have the whole free 'snacks' thing. But i couldn't leave to go fet actual food. Im 16 and was only there becuase of my brother. Hes 9 and is considered and unaccompanied minor when im with him. I would have been perfectly fine going off and getting food. I was fine with getting escorted to the gate but this is just to far. Im not retarded, i can watch my brother like ive been doing for the past 9 years of his life. I can figure out where to go, i can read a map. Im currently sitting in this god forsaken room, hungry, bored and annoyed.

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