Comparing My United First Class Meal with My US Airways $7 Salad


A few weeks ago I was flying in United First from SFO to ORD, and I ordered the steak salad for dinner. I was pretty disappointed when my salad  only had three tiny pieces of steak in it.As I was eating the salad, I was thinking to myself that the offerings on United’s Choice Menu are far superior to this steak salad. It really drove home the fact that not only are first class meals getting worse, but also that United (and many other airlines!) are doing great things to improve their buy on board menus. The next day, I was in economy on US Airways flying back to San Francisco through Charlotte. I didn’t have time to pick up food in the airport so I figured I would try one of their salads for purchase.


So… it was a pretty good chicken caesar salad! I mean… look at all that chicken! It comes with a fresh lemon that you can squeeze on the salad, and I was pretty happy with it. I was comparing it with the United Choice Menu, and in the end, I still felt that the United product was superior, mostly due to selection. United has multiple salads to choose from, and US Airways only has this one. Furthermore, United’s presentation is a bit better. In the end, I felt United’s was best, but only by a small margin. And then I realized… This US Airways $7 salad was WAY better than the steak salad I ate the day before in United First Class! LEGACY CARRIERS, MAKE BETTER FOOD FOR PREMIUM CABINS!


HunterSFO December 17, 2009 at 09:30 am

okay, but how was that bowl of soup that came with your salad? IME the soup on ALL airlines is absolutely delicious…

I must admit...the soup was good :-)

And doesn't the US salad come with a cookie for $7 while United BOB is $9 and no cookie? I know that's how the sandwiches are.

The US salad does NOT come with a cookie so it's an apples to apples comparison. FWIW, I was really just saying how much better coach buy on board food can be than first class food! But ... I do love the UA spinach salad. When I'm upgraded in F, I almost always request that salad over what they're serving in F. Thanks for the comment!

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