Cancun, Mexico's Swine Flu Protection

Yes... This will surely stop it!

Yes... This will surely stop it!

I flew into Cancun a few days ago, and in addition to the typical paperwork that needed to be filled out upon entering the country, I was given a new, highly sophisticated form. Hah – it’s pretty funny. It’s just a piece of paper that lists a bunch of flu-like symptoms and asks you if you’ve had them or not. It made me laugh because if I have the flu, I’ll probably stay home from the vacation. Okay so let’s say I try to power through it and travel (which, even if your body can take it, is a poor decision because of all those you may infect on the plane!) – why would I turn myself into Mexican authorities as a possible carrier of the virus? Sheesh – just seemed like a waste of paper to me. They should have used the money to keep some of their facilities a bit more sanitary – surely that would do more at stemming the spread of viruses!


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