Posts from October 2012

Last Minute Honeymoon Changes

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade... Right? Right???

Well, we were tossed a couple lemons right around the same time.

Lemon One: The St. Regis Maurit...


The United Club at Sao Paulo (GRU) is a Disaster

Let me repeat that. The United Club at Sao Paulo (GRU) is a disaster. It officially earns the title of "Worst United Club I Have Visited." There are a few that I haven't seen, b...


And... We're Off!

We're off on our trip around the world! There will certainly be many blog posts and reviews to write when I return, but until then, follow m...


Experiencing My First Aborted Takeoff

Today I was flying on UA 143 from IAD to LAX, and while it turned out to be a great flight, it didn't start off smoothly. We got out to the runway, and the plane started to acce...