Posts from February 2012

United Airlines Boarding Process Creates More Gate Lice: Premier Golds

First, let's define gate lice, according to Urban Dictionary…

Passenger, often inexperienced flyers in Kettle Class, who crowd around or line up at a gate at an ai...
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When Free Hotel Internet Sucks

I'm so sick of hotel internet. Why does it have to consistently suck? Sure…. there are exceptions. The W in Seattle had pretty fast internet last week, and i can think of...

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Hilton Honors Responds to SPG: Enhancements for Elites

Starwood rolled a bunch of great updates for Platinum Members this week. I won't re-hash them all. You can read about the changes here and h...

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This is My "Emotional Support Dog"

So I'm checking into the my flight at the United Premier section of SFO, and things are going just fine. I notice a man with a dog to the r...

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United Airlines Should Fix the Last Minute / High Revenue Ticket Seating Situation

Okay... I've blogged about this before, but now as I check in for my flight to Denver, it is irking me again. Check out the seatmap.

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