A Quick Look at the Amedee-Maingard Lounge at the Mauritius Airport

While this article is current as of December 2012, Mauritius is currently in the process of building an entirely new international terminal. After having a wonderful stay at the Four Seasons Mauritius, it was time to continue our journey in Cape Town, South Africa!

We arrived to the airport with a bit of time to kill, and as we were flying in South African Airways Business Class, we were invited to use the lounge at the airport. There's only a single lounge here, the Amedee Maingard Lounge. This lounge is shared by premium cabin travelers from a variety of airlines, but it appears to be operated by Air Mauritius.

The lounge is primarily one large room, and it is definitely styled and decorated in a Mauritian way. In the center of the primary room is a fountain that wasn't working when we were there.

In one of the corners of the lounge, there is a decent selection of food and beverages. There's a fridge filled with sodas, juices, waters. I believe that alcoholic beverages were also available.

Next to the fridge, there was a buffet style assortment of hot items. Most of the food is Mauritian style, which is hit or miss, depending on your tastes. I was happy to have one last bit of curry before heading to South Africa. They also had a few peanuts, pretzels, etz.

Just off the main room was a little room with a television. That's where we plopped ourselves for about an hour or so before takeoff.

After a short while, it was time to continue our journey to South Africa. The lounge at the Mauritius airport is a nice place to kill an hour or so, but I wouldn't check out of your resort early just to come here. If you need some wi-fi or a snack before you board, it's just fine.


I wondered what you needed to do to get an airport lounge named after yourself. In this chap's case, he was a decorated war hero...and perhaps more importantly, founder of the airline!

Amédée Maingard (21 October 1918 - 1981) was born in Mauritius, then a British colony. During World War II (1939–1945) he served with distinction with the British special services supporting the French resistance, and was awarded medals by the British and French governments. After the war he returned to Mauritius and became a successful businessman. He founded Air Mauritius.

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