Review: Hilton St. Anne's Manor; Verdict: Skip

Every travel year has its ups and downs. I'll just have to add my stay at the Hilton St. Anne's Manor to the list of downs. The disappointing part about the Hilton St. Anne's Manor is that it could be a really classy, unique property, but it will take a bit of renovation to get it to that point. ...

Kevin's Photography v. Part 2!

Microsoft's search engine may leave something to be desired, but I love their daily pictures, and thus it remains my homepage. Every now and then, MSFT decides to stick a picture up there that is eerily similar to one I've taken before. I like to compare my photog skills to ...
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A Great Trip Across the Pond: 9/25 UA930 SFO-LHR in Business

I was a bit surprised to hear the agent at the Red Carpet Club tell me that I was number one on the list for an upgrade to London. Being on a on a U fare, I was only one higher than W, which is the minimum fare class needed for an SWU. I figured there would be some 1K or GS with a higher fare code ...

Air India's Star Alliance Application Suspended

Today isn't the best day for Air India. USA Today, and many others, are reporting that Air India's application to join the Star Alliance has been halted. It's interesting news. The Star Alliance press release says the following:
The member airlines of the Star Alliance network ...
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The Worst International Business Class Seatmate

Seatmates in International Biz matter way less than seatmates in Economy. Generally, you don't share an armrest, and if you do, it's quite large. If the seatmate happens to be obese, at least the wide seats with high walls keep them from pouring over onto you. If said seatmate is stinky, typically ...

Ritz-Carlton to Build First "Reserve" Property in the US (Puerto Rico)

(Image courtesy of PR Newsire)
It looks like Ritz-Carlton is going to be expanding their "Reserve" line of properties with an addition on Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico. According to a manager at the Ritz-Carlton Reserve Phulay Bay, The Reserve line is designed to be a complete luxury resort ...
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SPG Award for Earning Platinum: $25 or a Magazine Subscription

I think the sentence, "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye!" applies here. I qualified for SPG Platinum status about a month ago. This was the first time I had ever achieved this status level with Starwood. This morning I got an e-mail from Starwood congratulating me on my newly earned ...

So You Think US Airways Sucks? Perhaps You Want a Free Bumper Sticker?

(Picture courtesy of USAirSucks.ORG)
Now this is just hilarious. Tracy Reed, owner and maintainer of, is giving away free bumper stickers to anybody who wants one. Well, the stickers are a bit self promoting, pointing you right back to his site, but it's still hilarious ...

FastTrack Parking at SFO Loses Lease, Shuts Down

Well, this is annoying. You can definitely file this one under "things I wasn't expecting to hear on Monday morning." It turns out that FastTrack SFO, my airport parking lot of choice, has closed its doors. They sent the following in an e-mail:
Attention: Bay Area ...

Alcatraz: San Francisco's Best Tourist Attraction

The question comes up all the time: "If you only had one day in city XXX, what would you do?" It's never an easy answer, and unless you're in Barstow, CA, you usually need more than one or two days to fully experience a city. But when it comes to San Francisco, my home town, my answer to that ...

Will You Be in L.A. this Weekend for Carmageddon?

Have you heard the news? Ten miles of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles will be shut down this weekend. Many sites are doing count-downs. The ten miles of freeway that will be shut down are considered by many to be the most busy freeway sections in the world. Growing up in L.A., I would tend to ...
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Delta Sky Zone: A Lounge for the Kids!

Yesterday, Delta unveiled a new lounge for kids, the Delta Sky Zone. It's basically a kids-only lounge with XBOX 360s, televisions, educational materials, and more. I'm a bit jealous of those kids! I wish our big-boy and big-girl lounges had XBOX 360s in them. Growing up with my father ...

16 Days in China: Coming Home in Air Canada's Executive First Class Suite

To culminate my long, wonderful journey to China, I flew home on Air Canada PEK-YVR-SFO. This was part of an open-jaw itinerary that included my outbound flight to Hong Kong. While the outbound upgrade was confirmable at booking time, I definitely had to sweat it out for the return home. Part ...

Finding a Better Award Seat: It Pays to Keep Checking

I'm off to Europe this September for a couple weeks. I'll post the full details of the trip later, but I just finished booking a significantly better award ticket than the one I had before, and I thought it was worth a post. My girlfriend and I are actually flying to and from Europe on paid tickets, ...

The Pee Pad at the JFK Red Carpet Club Really Grosses Me Out

Sure... males have been known to miss the urinal from time to time. We're all guilty of that one. How does such a problem get solved? Someone comes in and mops the bathroom. At the JFK Red Carpet Club, they have a different solution. There is a cylindrical padding that is pushed against the wall, designed to absorb urine. If this is not the intent of padding, then it is surely what actually happens. This padding often has stains on it, and it grosses me out to think that someone is supposed to theoretically swap this out for a new one regularly. I have always found one of the perks of a lounge to be nicer bathrooms, but the JFK RCC pee pad really detracts from the niceness of that one. United, can we please get rid of that thing?


A Nice Weekend at the Westin Mission Hills Villas

My girlfriend and I had to do two nights (Thurs - Sat) in Vegas for an obligation, and we wanted to extend the weekend, but given how much we both love the craps tables, we figured it best to leave Nevada in order to preserve our wallets. We wanted to find a spot with a great pool and easy access to ...