Check this Relic Out: My Dad's Eastern Airlines Frequent Flier Card

I thought this was worthy of a post. My dad, who is already a Million Miler with United (and also Delta), started digging through his old frequent flier cards a few weeks ago, scrounging for a Continental card, so he could possibly merge his lifetime Continental miles with United as of the first of the year. Anyhow, we found his old Eastern / Continental Airlines card. What a relic! It was on a flimsy piece of paper, rather than on the plastic that "modern" frequent flier cards are on.


Chicago to Brussels & London Heathrow to Los Angeles in United Economy Plus

The life of a frequent business traveler isn't always glamorous. In fact, despite what family members and friends might think, it's usually NOT. Dealing with time changes, giving presentations, having to go out to dinner, not being able to see friends, etc - okay - I'm getting off topic here, but ...

A NEW Kind of Elite Status for Me! YELP ELITE!

Mike might be a Yelp h8er, but i'm a Yelp l0ver. There have been a few "firsts" for me in 2011 like SPG Platinum Status and being a half million miler with United, but I'm proud to now have a new status: Yelp Elite!
Yelp status is a bit elusive both in terms of qualification as well as ...
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Have You Ever had a Better Hotel Room Balcony?

My dad and I both had reservations at the Marriott Budapest, and we are both Marriott Platinum members (he's actually a lifetime platinum member). It's a funny thing to be traveling with my parents… Normally I always hope for the best possible upgrade, but with my mother being a bit "picky," ...

Frankfurt to San Francisco in Lufthansa's A380 Business Class

The grand finale of our two week trip to Europe included a trip on Lufthansa's A380 from FRA back to SFO. My fiancé and I were super excited for this last part, as neither of us had ever flown on a A380, and we were keen to experience a flight on the biggest commercial plane ever! I ...

Yawn: Starwood Preferred Guest Award Stays Now Count Toward Elite Status

Announced on Gary Leff's blog a bit earlier, it appears that SPG will now be crediting award stays toward elite qualification. The leaked internal e-mail reads as follows:
SPG® is excited to announce the launch of a new benefit that affects all SPG members. Starting October 1, 2011, and ...

Marriott Platinum Status After Only 19 Nights

In the past, I've made it a goal to keep top tier status on a single airline and a single hotel chain. Historically, that's been United and Marriott. This year I decided i would go for Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum status, in addition to Marriott Platinum, and I got the former a few months ...

Prague Marriott Tries to Screw Users of Gift Cheques

I've posted about the usefulness of Marriott Gift Cheques before. Marriott Platinum members can get $1000 in $50 increments for 135,000 Marriott Rewards points. It's a great value for hotels that have a high rewards category (i.e. require a large amount of points) but have relatively low paid rates. ...

Tylenol PM + 5 Hour Energy: My Travel Cocktail of Choice

Don't let the title mislead you… I don't actually mix the two, and I don't even take them at the same time. However, If i'm flying across the Pacific or the Atlantic, it is usually for business, and thus it's important to acclimate myself to the timezone as quickly as possible. I have ...

Seen on my FRA-SFO Flight: Name the Caption!

First off, apologies on the picture quality. I know it's blurry, but I was trying to take a picture of a sleeping passenger without getting caught :-).

I've got a couple for ya…

"I didn't know Al Bundy was on my flight…"

"I wonder what that guy is dreaming about!"

"Caught! Red HANDED!"

(and yes - his hand was in his pants, not his pockets)


Review: Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

As part of our euro-trip, my fiancé and I were meeting a cousin of mine in Stockholm before going to a wedding in Switzerland. The three of us had never been to Stockholm (or Scandinavia in general), and we thought it would be fun to check out Stockholm.
There is not a full-service ...
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LOVING My Middle Seat Near the Bathroom...

What could I possibly be talking about?
Maybe the back row isn't so bad if it's on the top floor of an A380 in Lufthansa Business Class on a 10+ hour flight from FRA-SFO. It's even better when traveling on a non-upgradable Economy Class fare, and all of a sudden, the gate agent angel ...

Engaged! Honeymoon (and Wedding) Planning Begins!

I'm engaged!
Here comes wedding planning, something that I'm assuming will be a less than pleasurable experience. However, one thing that I'm REALLY looking forward to is planning the honeymoon! I've been saving points and miles for so long, always keeping a "mental minimum" for what I ...

I Just Boarded an SAS Flight in Stockholm Without Ever Showing ID...

This was shocking, to say the least. We got to the ARN airport at 5AM for our 6:20AM flight. We used a kiosk to print out our boarding passes. We had two checked bags, and we dropped those off. Those did require ID to be dropped off. Then we went through security - boarding passes were checked, but ...

ODD: Orbitz Issues Me a Slightly Different Ticket Than I Paid For!

I can file this under "things I've never seen before."
As you might know, I've been really frustrated with online booking sites. They have been showing all sorts of cheap prices, only to actually not have that fare available. I had been looking for a cheap fare for my girlfriend and I to go to ...

Summary and Commentary: The Fall Hotel Chain Bonuses

Here's what we have so far...
Starwood Preferred Guest: Double points on all stays from September 6th to December 18th. If your stay includes a Sunday or Thursday night, then you'll get triple points instead.
Marriott Rewards: Targeted offer, but if you're a Marriott Elite, you can usually ...

How I Messed Up My Chance of an A380 LH Upgrade (And How You Can Avoid It)

Grrr… This is annoying… and it's 100% my fault. Well, one could say that it's the fault of complicated fare class requirements along with obscure rules for upgrades with a partner airline, but in reality, the rules were there, and I didn't check close enough.
We're off to Europe ...