The Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita: The Grounds, Garden Villa, and Service

The Grounds, Garden Villa, and Service
The Food
The Conclusion
I'm going to do a three part series on the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita. We had such a wonderful time there that in order to cover everything, I felt that three posts would be necessary. We'll start with our ...

Get Jealous. I'm flying in Business Class on a 787 Soon.. SO CAN YOU!

My favorite perk of being a 1K member with United is having zero fees for changing award tickets. I'm constantly looking to improve my routings for trips that I've booked. Imagine my surprise when I found this one the other day (click here for the full screenshot).

See anything out ...

Johannesburg to Mauritius on South African Airlines Business Class

Wow! What a long journey it had been so far… We left Los Angeles on Friday afternoon, flew overnight to London, and then we flew all the way to Johannesburg. After a quick stop in the lounge to shower, now we were off to Mauritius! It was Sunday morning now, and by the time we landed, it ...

United 787 Schedule for November / December Will Change...

The good new is that United is finally using Twitter a bit more regularly than they used to. The bad news is that it appears that if you booked a flight in November or December that was originally scheduled to be on a dreamliner, you might be out of luck. Here is the full text of their ...
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South African Airlines Business Class from London to Johannesburg

After landing in London from our journey on Virgin Altantic Upper Class, we decided to check out the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, as it is apparently one of the nicest lounges in the world. Unfortunately, we were REJECTED by the lounge! Apparently, in order to enter the lounge, you must have a ...

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class to London: LAX to LHR

I still remembering hearing the radio commercials for "Virgin Atlantic Upper Class to London" when I was growing up in LA. I didn't know much about flying, and I didn't know much about London, but I loved that lady's accent! As the first major part of our honeymoon, my wife and I were able to ...

"iPod Integration" ~ United Needs to Update Their Inflight AV Software

In terms of quality of seat and entertainment, I think United's business class is quite competitive. The screen is huge, and the controller is nice and response. There's a huge amount of content to view. However, I think it's time to fix up the iPod integration.

Take a look at the ...

Last Minute Honeymoon Changes

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade... Right? Right???
Well, we were tossed a couple lemons right around the same time.
Lemon One: The St. Regis Mauritius announced that it would not make its October 1 opening date. It would be pushed back to November 1. We were set to arrive in ...

The United Club at Sao Paulo (GRU) is a Disaster

Let me repeat that. The United Club at Sao Paulo (GRU) is a disaster. It officially earns the title of "Worst United Club I Have Visited." There are a few that I haven't seen, but this is by far the worst of the ones I have. Instead of escaping to a "Club Away from the Hubbub" as United once put it, ...

If Your Suitcase is Too Pretty to Check, Get a New Suitcase

I literally just witnessed this the other day. Because we were boarding a regional jet, most of us had to gate check our baggage. This guy thought his suitcase was so pretty that he felt he needed to put it in a separate protective cover before checking it. Photo sequence below.






TAM Airlines Economy Class Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo

While frequent fliers are typically most interested in premium cabin trip reports, I think it's always interesting to read about carriers that we're not exposed to quite as often and the experiences they offer, even when in economy class. Recently, I flew from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo in TAM ...
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Booking My Ultimate Honeymoon with Points: Maldives Lodging

Flights from San Francisco to Mauritius
Lodging in Mauritius
Flights from Mauritius to Luxor
Egypt Lodging
Flights from Cairo to the Maldives
Maldives Lodging
Flights from the Maldives back to San Francisco
With every aspect of the trip I've ...

Experiencing My First Aborted Takeoff

Today I was flying on UA 143 from IAD to LAX, and while it turned out to be a great flight, it didn't start off smoothly. We got out to the runway, and the plane started to accelerate for takeoff. It got going pretty fast, and then all of a sudden, BRAKES. The pilots hit the brakes hard. Considering ...

I am Sick of Arguing for Starwood Upgrades

As a whole, I love Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). Their points are incredibly valuable, and I generally find their properties to be quite nice. However, one of the biggest benefits of being a Platinum member is also one of the biggest annoyances. Starwood is generally considered to have the best ...

Review: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel

After spending a few nights at the Sheraton in Sao Paulo, I was ready for a change. I had two nights booked for the weekend at the Renaissance Sao Paulo, and I was excited to check it out. Renaissance might be my favorite hotel chain, especially internationally. In the USA, most Renaissance ...

A Quick Look at the United Club in Buenos Aires

A few weeks ago, I had a great business trip to Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. My flight to Buenos Aires was quite nice, even if my the Sheraton Sao Paulo left me disappointed. I had a TAM flight (report coming soon) from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo, and before the flight, I was able to spend ...

Another Example of When Marriott Gift Cheques Make More Sense Than Points

I've blogged about Marriott Gift Cheques before. I used them at the Renaissance Eden Roc a couple years ago, and I also found that you should be wary using them at international destinations. What are these gift cheques? In a nut shell, they are a special award avaialble for Marriott Platinum Elite ...