Host Your Child’s Next Birthday Party at…. The Courtyard by Marriott???


So I’m currently staying at the Courtyard by Marriott Billerica/Bedford about 20 miles north of Boston. After finishing my delicious meal at The Loft, I returned to the hotel and found a stack of fliers and a poster advertising that the hotel was now hosting birthday parties. HOW FUN! Chuck E Cheese’s, broomball establishments , and the local family fun centers better watch out! J.W. Marriott is going to come and throw the biggest and baddest kids’ parties of them ...

FINALLY! The SFO United Red Carpet Club Gets the LAX Treatment


Months ago, the United Red Carpet Club in LAX got a pretty big upgrade, in terms of food. Towers of cereal replaced the stale croissants. The bagels and toast were FINALLY complemented by a toaster. Yogurt covered raisins, trail mix, etc – the food got better. I end up in that Red Carpet Club pretty often, but it bothered me that my hometown (SFO) didn’t get the same treatment. I just walked into the club a few minutes ago, and I saw the same ...

Posting from Gogo Inflight Wifi – on Delta Airlines from SLC to MSP!


Hello from the sky! I’m en route from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis right now. I’m surfing using the onboard Gogo Wifi. VERY cool stuff! This is my first Delta flight in years, and my first ever flight with free WiFi. C’mon United… Hurry and catch up! Continue reading for my speed results.

All in all, feels pretty snappy. It seems very similar to the speed I get when tethering on my iPhone – you have that ...

Cancun, Mexico's Swine Flu Protection

Yes... This will surely stop it!

Yes... This will surely stop it!

I flew into Cancun a few days ago, and in addition to the typical paperwork that needed to be filled out upon entering the country, I was given a new, highly sophisticated form. Hah – it’s pretty funny. It’s just a piece of paper that lists a bunch of flu-like symptoms and asks you if you’ve had them or not. It made me laugh because if I have the flu, I’ll probably stay home from the ...

United Airlines Choice Menu: My Impressions


This past Friday, I flew LGA-IAD-SFO. My upgrade from Dulles to San Francisco didn’t clear, which was a bit of a bummer. However, I knew that United had a new “Choice Menu” that they were testing on the SFO-IAD routes. I was excited to give these new food options a go. The flight attendant walks up and down the aisle, passing out paper menus to everyone. I think having an actual menu is a nice touch. There were three sandwiches and three salads to choose from. Here is ...

The NeckPro Traction Device - SkyMall sells a noose!

Are you serious???

Are you serious???

During one of my flights earlier this week, I was browsing SkyMall to see what sorts of new useless, overpriced goodies I could buy for myself! Boy was I delighted to see the “NeckPro Traction Device.” I’ve had some neck pain before. I’m sure we all have. If you need a solution to this pain, look no further than SkyMall’s noose “easy-to-use over-the-door cervical traction device!” Thanks to SkyMall, we no longer have to worry about the mechanics of constructing a suicide device breaking “the muscle spasm / neck pain cycle.” Just look at the guy in the picture… Hilarious…

Bye bye, Clear Pass - Clear to Cease Operations

Picture 1

Done any traveling over the past year or so? If so, you may have seen little blue kiosks near security at some major airports. These clear lanes offered a way for “pre-screened” customers to get priority boarding. The product was flawed from the start. As a platinum member, Marriott gave me a year of free Clear access in 2008 so I was able to try it out. I got my fingerprints and retina scanned, got a little card, and that let me skip the airport security line. The ...