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16 Days in China: The Itinerary

Next Friday, I'm off to China for sixteen days! I'm quite excited about the trip. I have two weeks of business in Beijing, but I have tried to add a bit of "me time" to the trip as well. I'm leaving on the 8th via Air Canada for Hong Kong. And thanks to a friend of mine, that will be in Air Canada's Executive First cabin. I'm quite excited about that, to be honest. Executive First is priced and marketed like a premium business cabin, but it really looks ...

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We Will Earn Miles on Flights Booked with Expedia Rewards

Yesterday I wrote about how redeeming flights on Expedia rewards works. I speculated that I didn't think it was possible for Expedia to have worked out an agreement with every air carrier, and I also noted that it was interesting that the "price" in points for flights was exactly 100x the price in dollars for the same flight on their site. It led me to wonder whether an Expedia Rewards ticket might just be purchased from the Airline. And if that were the case, then wouldn't we ...

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Redeeming Expedia Points for Flights: Here's How it Works!

In the past couple weeks, I've posted a couple times about Expedia Rewards. I won't rehash everything here, but now you can book flights with Expedia Rewards points. I made a few sample bookings today, and it didn't take me long to figure out exactly how it works. Want to head to the Maldives for a weekend and not pay for it? Me too. I tried to use my Expedia points to do so. Here's the result I got:

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No More Foreign Transaction Fees on Marriott Rewards Premier VISA

marriott Rewards Premier Card no transaction fees

Timing certainly is a funny thing. I spent a few days in Canada last week, and I charged items to both my Marriott Rewards Premier VISA card as well as my Starwood Amex. Charges posted to both accounts, and I took a look at the activity online. At first, neither had international transaction fees. Then after a day or two, the Amex card's fees popped up. The VISA fees never posted. I considered it lucky, and I didn't think much of it, but ...

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Now You Can Redeem Expedia Points!

Just over a week ago, I asked if you were earning Expedia rewards. Expedia announced their own rewards program a few months back, and it allows you to earn one point per dollar spent on travel at Expedia, with a few exceptions. Most hotel stays booked on Expedia do not earn points at their respective chains, but nearly all of the airline tickets do. Thus, you can double dip. You can earn airline miles and Expedia points at the same time. When the program ...

China for Business, Europe for Pleasure: Woohoo!

I'm currently in the process of booking a business trip to China, and I'm going to do my best to have some fun while I'm out there. Also, my cousin is getting married this Fall, and I'll be off to Switzerland for the wedding. We will also spend some time in Stockholm, Budapest, and Prague! Stay tuned for the details. I'll let you know when it's all booked! As always, I'm doing my best to keep costs down, keep mileage earning up, and see if I can't get some premium cabin action in there as well.

Fancy Sking a Glacier? My Trip Report of Whistler Blackcomb

I just finished up a pretty ridiculous week of travel and work. For the most part, it was not very pleasurable. However, I was fortunate to be able to tie a bit of skiing into my business trip to Vancouver, and I decided to head up to Whistler, British Columbia. Ever since being a kid and reading Ski Magazine, I have always wanted to go check it out. Read on for the report of my quick trip!

The drive from Vancouver ...

Ignite: Hacking Frequent Flier Programs

I saw this post initially on LifeHacker. So out of curiosity, I clicked the link. To be honest, there's a lot of misinformation in there. I'm sure readers here will find plenty of things to pick apart... I started writing a list of bullet points of things that were incorrect in that video, but I'll just let the hippie talk for himself. Now on the flipside, I guess it is a pretty decent five minute summary of all the tricks of the trade. Here's the source post. Thoughts? Video is embedded below the break!

My First Experience with the Newly Renovated 757 on United

Considering how much I fly, I'm surprised it took me this long, but I just had my first experience on one of United's newly re-configured 757s. Seatguru doesn't even have the new configuration loaded yet. I was sitting in 15A in Economy+. Here are some thoughts / pics regarding the new configuration (click the pictures for larger versions).

16A/F used to be the best non-First Class seats in the house on ...
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Trip Report: Telluride (and my first Mileage Plus Hotel Redemption)

After a fantastic time in Aspen, it was off to Telluride! I mean c'mon... Tim McGraw has a classic song about the place that practically makes you want to sell everything and move there so it must be an amazing place! Read on for the report.

Getting from Aspen to Telluride is actually not the easiest thing in the world. While both Aspen and Telluride have regional airports, you can't fly between the two. There aren't any shuttles ...

The Continental Domestic First Class Blankets Are More Like Sheets...

I've found the United / Continental merger to have more positives than negatives, thus far, but I really hope they re-think their "blanket strategy." The blankets United gives in Economy are better than the blankets Continental is providing in first class. I slept alright on the redeye from SEA-EWR, but I could have used a better blanket! Just sayin....

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Delta: "Fly 125,000 miles this year, and we'll give you 100,000 more!"

If you've had status on Delta once before, you may have received this offer. Basically if you fly 125,000 miles this year, they'll give you 100,000 more. That's a pretty sweet deal, with a couple caveats.

  • Caveat One: Delta miles are relatively useless.
  • Caveat Two: If you're an elite member of another airline, you're likely already getting a 100% mileage bonus. Moving over to Delta, you wouldn't get that bonus until you hit 50,000 miles.

So yeah. It's cool, but I don't expect any other carriers will match that. Interested?

Update: The post initially said that you had to fly 100,00 miles. Commenter Microwave let me know that Diamond Medallion is actually 125,000 miles.

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Cheap Travel Companion: Dual-Core Android Tablet On Sale Today

Today only, is selling the Viewsonic G-Tablet for only $284, after shipping. If you don't already own an iPad, but you would like to dip your toe in the tablet waters, like myself, this is a great buy! You can find cheaper Android tablets out there, but this one is a top of the line performer with a dual-core nVidia Tegra chipset. The one hiccup with this device is the default Android build is not very favorable, but there is a pretty big ...

So... Are You Earning Expedia Rewards?

A couple months ago, Expedia announced their own rewards program. Programs like Starwood won't grant points for stays booked through Expedia, but for airlines, you'll still get your points. Thus, I've decided to start using Expedia to book all of my air travel. You get one point per dollar. There are some interesting quirks to the program. For example, we have no idea what we can redeem with our points. They're supposed to announce that in April. Also, I've noticed that after I book a ...

Today's the Big Day: Will the iPad 2 Be Your Next Travel Gadget?

The New Yorkers and Bostonians already have theirs... and in about 25 minutes, doors will open here in California for the mobs to go and get their iPads. Will it be your next travel gadget? For myself, I'm still undecided. On business trips, which make the bulk of my travel, there's no way it can replace my laptop. But for vacations, could it? I'm not convinced. There's nothing worse than sitting in Economy (even E+) and having the guy in front of me ...

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Lifetime Red Carpet Club Membership: Now is Your Chance!

Do you have a membership at the club away from the hubbub (yes... that was actually UA's marketing line for a some time)? If you're a member of the Red Carpet Club, and plan to be for the rest of your life, you can buy a lifetime membership again for a limited time. United did away with their lifetime memberships many years ago, but Continental has kept their President's Club memberships alive. The prices are listed here and pasted below.

Once the ...

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Marriott's Autograph Collection Expands to Spain/Europe

Today Marriott announced that it will be expanding its presence in Spain via the Autograph Collection. The Autograph Collection is a line of boutique or independent hotels that Marriott partners with to bring into their reservations system, started last year. The benefit is that Marriott Rewards members now have even more places to earn and redeem. Furthermore, Marriotts can be on the bland side, and the Autograph collection nicely spices up their ...

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