Philippine Airlines returns to New York, but will face challenges in the short-run

Philippine Airlines, also known as PAL, has finally received the green light to move forth with its ambitious expansion efforts in the United States after restoration to Category 1 by the Federal Aviation Administration earlier this year. Between 2008 and 2014, PAL was prohibited from changing aircraft gauge, adjusting flight frequency and adding new destinations in the United States after failing to comply with minimum safety standards set by ...

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Cathay Pacific announces Boston, denoting strength of North American network


Cathay Pacific will commence four weekly nonstop flights from its Hong Kong hub to Boston on May 1, 2015, operated on a 4-class Boeing 777-300ER. As one of the world's most globally-renown premium network carriers, Cathay has been highly exposed to the downturn in business travel over the past few decades, along with the surge of competition from low-cost carriers in its own backyard in the Asia-Pacific basin and the Gulf Coast carriers in the Middle East.

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United announces upgrades to premium domestic meal services


The days of surf and turf are now numbered for United customers traveling in first class cabins within the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and most of Mexico, because eating chicken and shrimp salads is sooo 2013.  

Today, United unveiled its newly-redesigned menu for premium customers starting on September 1, 2014 for flights over 900 miles in length, or two approximately hours and twenty minutes in duration.

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American adjusts Atlantic and Latin capacity ahead of complex integration milestones

American Airlines and US Airways are suspending services to several European markets from their Chicago, Philadelphia and New York hubs this winter, while also making adjustments to routes from New York, Miami and Charlotte to São Paulo in anticipation of an Open Skies regime that will come into full effect between the US and Brazil. 

American Airlines seasonal suspensions to Europe:

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Ben Sandilands: Malaysia Airlines "still doesn't get it"

I've always held a mild admiration for Ben Sandilands, author of Australia-based "Crikey" independent media with his column, "Plane Talking." Mr. Sandilands tends to be fairly vocal about his opinions concerning Australian airlines and aviation policy in general, but I appreciate his candor pertaining to matters that require one to read between the lines.

After the MH17 tragedy over 10 days ago, I posted an entry titled, "In ...

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Turkish Airlines announces San Francisco, up-gauges Chicago


Turkish Airlines will commence nonstop services to San Francisco on April 13, 2015 from its Istanbul hub, initially on 5-weekly frequency basis before up-gauging to a daily service on May 13, 2015. Service will be operated on a large-density 777-300ER with schedules operating as follows: 

TK079 IST1305 – 1625SFO 77W x36
TK080 SFO1810 – 1705+1IST 77W x36

The route ...

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In light of MH 17, Malaysia must be held accountable for transparency

Prior to March 8, 2014, global air travel had been through one of its safest periods without any major fatal incident since tragedy of Air France 447 that crashed off the coast of Brazil in June 2009 and claimed over 200 lives. 

Fast forward to July 2014, and the fortunes have become reversed: two salient commercial aviation disasters, with one jetliner missing and another one shot down without survivors, occuring a mere ...

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Eithad announces San Francisco using an atypical approach for a Gulf carrier


Tallying up the latest figure in the "arms race" between the Big Three Gulf Coast carriers as they push forward with their westward expansion is Etihad Airways, who has unveiled San Francisco as its 6th United States destination, scheduled to commence on November 18, 2014. Etihad will operate daily round trips from its Abu Dhabi hub to San Francisco utilizing a 3-class Boeing 777-300ER aircraft dry-leased from Jet Airways.

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United Airlines' route network: are the foundations starting to crack?

United Airlines may have 787s, a transpacific gateway hub in San Francisco and a $2 billion cost-and-revenue improvement program that entails removing garlic bread and bulk ketchup from some long-haul flights in BusinessFirst, according to thread in FlyerTalk last week. 

However, cracks are starting to appear across its route network as it downsizes hubs and revamps several long-haul routes, and it appears that Wall Street ...

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American and LAN cut schedules to Venezuela as cash crisis worsens

American Airlines and LAN Airlines are the latest victims to the seemingly unending commercial aviation saga in Venezuela pertaining to the $4.2 billion USD (IATA estimate) worth of withheld funds that the local government owes to roughly two dozen foreign carriers which provide scheduled air service to the country.

Effective today, July 1, 2014, American, which is the largest foreign operator into Venezuela, measured by number ...

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American fortifies LAX hub with new domestic and transborder flights


American Airlines is capitalizing on its post-Chapter 11 freedom, as well as US Airways merger, to grow its network out of LAX by adding two transborder flights to Vancouver and Edmonton, as well as links to both San Antonio and Tampa.

Service to all of the above markets will be offered on 2-class US Airways Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft, with the exception of Tampa, which will be operated on a 2-class 737-800. In its official ...

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United's seasonal scale-back in Europe underscores cost concerns

United Airlines is temporarily halting winter services to several secondary European markets, as well as a few key primary ones such as Rome and Manchester, from its largest East coast gateway hubs at New York/Newark Liberty International and Washington Dulles.

The affected changes entail seasonal suspensions between the following city pairs

Newark to Rome effective November 6, 2014 through March 28, 2015 Newark to ...
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Talk is cheap: maybe United can sell it for an additional fee


With United Executives leading the company down a path of death by 1,000 cuts, err...$2 billion in "cost reduction" savings, it must be really tricky for them to find ways to inspire investors when United's network is dwindling, its planes are breaking down, its competitors are enhancing their in-flight products (while United's is a complete joke), and its quarterly earnings suck.

So, as a temporary escape, they like to ...

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Delta adds more feed to Seattle and Los Angeles hubs

Delta is adding two additional short-haul routes to feed its growing international flight portfolio at Seattle/Tacoma airport by introducing a four daily services to Spokane and a second transborder link to Calgary, to be offered twice daily. 

Both routes will be served on regional jets to provide the appropriate level of feed to augment Delta's Asian and European expansion from Seattle, slated to hit its prime this summer ...

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Qantas beats Emirates to the punch as 1st A380 operator to DFW airport

A little over 2 months ago, it was rumored that a new carrier would be operating an Airbus A380 into Dallas/Ft. Worth International airport when the board approved a nearly $3 million construction plan at International Terminal D to accommodate the wide-body plane at gates D15 and D16.

My initial projections were that the two likeliest contenders for bringing the A380 to DFW were Qantas and Emirates. I placed my bets on ...

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The Virgin America saga at Love Field airport: a spectacle of nepotism in Dallas


There is a saying out there that the global airline and aviation industry is forever bound in legal knots. 

Even in the U.S., it seems, where protectionism and corruption is most frowned-upon relative to other parts of the world, policy makers and airlines mix about as well as oil and water. Bureaucracy and hubris continue to prohibit both parties from jointly crafting intelligent and progressive business solutions that ...

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The new Terminal 2 at Dallas Love Field airport, in pictures


'Leading the LOVE-ULoution'

Change is a beautiful thing.

The new terminal at Dallas Love Field airport has received a much-needed overhaul to bring the airport into the 21st century. I had the chance of flying into DAL last month, and was blown away by the new facilities that now hosts Southwest Airlines at its headquarters airport.

The Love Field ...

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Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines announce US expansion plans

In conjunction with yesterday's announcement that the Philippines has been restored to Category 1 status by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the two largest Filipino carriers, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines, have already begun to outline their expansion plans to more US markets, a liberty that has not been granted to either carrier since the Philippines was downgraded to Category 2 back in 2008.


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Philippine carriers restored to US FAA Category 1 status

The Federal Aviation Administration has upgraded carriers registered in the Republic of the Philippines from Category 2 to Category 1 status, a rating that airlines such as Philippine Airlines (PAL) and low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific Air have held since January 2008. Airlines are placed under Category 2 restrictions when they fall out of accordance with minimum civil aviation standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Until they pass ...

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Emirates to send Airbus A380 to Dallas/Ft. Worth starting October 1


It's official: Emirates Airline will commence daily scheduled service to Dallas/Ft. Worth airport on October 1, 2014. DFW Airport CEO Sean Donohue sent out a note on Wednesday that the airport would "make a special announcement" today about existing international service at DFW, and within the past hour, news sources reported that Emirates is gearing to upgauge its daily flight from DFW to Dubai to a 489-seat A380, up from its current 266-seat 777-200LR ...

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