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The Road More Traveled

Restaurant Review - Hot "G" Dog, Chicago

You might recall my little adventure back in May, where I was first a part of American's Boeing 787 Dreamliner launch in coach, then a week later, took the same 787 to Chicago in business to compare and contras ...

Live and Let's Fly

A Suggested Revision to "These Germans" Lufthansa Commercial

Lufthansa has a great commercial poking a bit of fun at the stereotypical German character trait of punctuality in a way that effectively sells the brand-- But seeing that Lufthansa has d ...

Live and Let's Fly

A Thanksgiving Resolution

nce upon a time there was a boy who loved to fly around the world using his miles and points. Around the globe he flew, visiting the far corners of the world; meeting new people and surveying new lands. The boy grew into a ...

Live and Let's Fly

Ordering Emirates Chauffeur Service Less Than 48 Hours Prior to Travel

One of the great benefits of flying business or first class on Emirates is the ability to order complimentary chauffeur service to take you to and from the airport. This service ...

The Road More Traveled

Airport Lounge Review - The British Airways Concorde Room At London Heathrow

With our vacation rapidly drawing to a close, while I was certainly looking forward to our upcoming flight in First Class on an A380 to cap things off, I was also eagerly ant ...

Regional First

A Road Warrior's Tour of Inepitude, and Why I am Still Mostly Happy

Everyone hates flight delays.  How about a delay that was about 4 times the planned flight length?  To make it worse, the flight ultimately got cancelled.     So ...

Live and Let's Fly

Brussels Shuts Down and State Department Travel Warning

Brussels is essentially shut down for a third day -- public transportation has ground to a standstill, shops are closed, and tanks roll down empty boulevards. Parisians look around each corner fu ...

Live and Let's Fly

Hilarious United Airlines Holiday Video

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is not too far off. United is getting a jump start on the holidays this year with a video that is both hilarious and touching: Seriously, I love this vid ...

The Road More Traveled

Restaurant Review - Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles, Los Angeles

We don't often go out to eat when we visit LA - my mother-in-law is a superb cook, and is all too happy to show off her skills for visitors - but on a July visit, we found ourselves ...

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