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Live and Let's Fly

The Contrarian: United Was Legally and Morally Entitled to Cancel Mistake Fares

In law school they teach you to argue both sides -- allowing you to better understand the issue presented and the strengths and weaknesses of your own argument. Earlier ...

The Road More Traveled

Southwest Announces Eight New Love Field Routes, Fully Extends Middle Finger to Delta

Maybe they should rename the airport "LUV Field"... It's been a busy past few weeks at Dallas Love Field, first with the announcement that United was ceding its t ...

Regional First

Lufthansa First Class with a seat and a bed Frankfurt to Toronto

Lufthansa First Class is a relatively attainable luxury for those who play in the miles/points world.  Its not easy to get, but its doable. For this flight, I was excited to finally ...

DoubleWides Fly

Reader Poll: Decide my Route Home From Egypt

I am flying Qatar Airways for the first time this April and I have two options for my routing for my trip back home.  Either fly a mix of Qatar and American Airlines international service including the ...

Live and Let's Fly

Real Meals Coming to United Express on March 1, 2015

While Delta Air Lines and American Airlines already serve "real" meals onboard their regional jets, United has been a holdout, offering only junk food snack boxes. That changes on 01 March 2015 whe ...

Cloud Commuting

Video: Our Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is a pretty cool place. If you leave the city limits, there's sand... a lot of sand... What better way to explore that sand than via four wheel drive vehicles? ...

DoubleWides Fly

Save $25 on a Future Virgin America Flight by Using Visa Checkout

Today, Virgin America became the first airline to offer secured Visa Checkout as a payment options via their website. The online platform allows consumers to sign up through Visa in ord ...

The Road More Traveled

Flight Review - Virgin America Main Cabin, DAL-SFO-DAL

The A319 "Virgin & Tonic" at DAL getting ready to depart to New York's LaGuardia Airport My wife and I typically haven't done much of anything for Valentine's Day, but a few weeks prior to ...

DoubleWides Fly

Save 15-20% at Marriott Hotels

I LOVE the Marriott brand and am personally a big fan of their hotels and their award program. A large part of this loyalty comes from the fact that their hotels are just about everywhere I travel for work, which allows ...

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