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Live and Let's Fly

First Look at the Super Cool New United Club at LAX

I had the privilege of attending a special opening ceremony of United's brand new United Club at LAX yesterday. Underscoring the significance of this event, both CEO Oscar Munoz and President Scott ...

The Trip Sherpa

FlyeBaby - An Option for Lap Infants

If you are looking to buy a neck pillow you have about a thousand options.  There are inflatable, foam filled, squishy and firm, (don’t wear your neck pillow outside of sitting on the airplane trying to ...

Live and Let's Fly

Should a Vocal Trump Supporter Have Been Kicked Off My United Flight?

We are (hopefully) just a day away from the end to one of the most bitter presidential contests in U.S. history. As polls and statisticians predict a victory for Hillary Clinton, ...

The Road More Traveled

Sampling American's Premium Economy and Other Important News

Hello loyal Road More Traveled readers!  As you may have already heard, the UPGRD team is moving over to a new home, Travel Codex.  Fear not, for the most part, nothing is changing ...

Pursued Adventures

Vietnam Changes Their Tourist Visa Policy Again and Other Merger News

Hello UPGRD readers!  I'm sure you guys have heard the news by now but in case you missed it, UPGRD has merged with Scott Mackenzie and his team over at Travel Codex! Starting ...

The Road More Traveled

Bad News for Driving Enthusiasts - The "Australiabahn" Will Soon Be No More

When it comes to places with roads built for those who like to drive fast, Germany is usually what comes to mind for its world-renowned autobahnen.  In reality, much of t ...

Live and Let's Fly

Huge Hyatt Gold Passport Changes and Other News

I've been "off the grid" for a while and this post is not to apologize for my lack of recent posting. Augustine is fussy like I am and a light-sleeper like my wife is: the combination has been lethal thu ...

The Road More Traveled

Sightseeing at 35,000 Feet: Dallas-Ontario, CA-Dallas

Frequent readers of this blog know my wife's family hails from California's Inland Empire, and so we make semi-frequent trips out there.  Ontario is the most convenient airport to fly to, assu ...

Regional First

Amenity Kit Review: Lufthansa Business Class (Bree 2016)

This amenity kit review is based on what I received on from my flights in September 2016 on Lufthansa Business Class.  This was a business trip where I paid for an economy ticket and upgrad ...

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