Because you deserve to be the most
influential and powerful version of you.

The greatest limitation is not found in the things you already know, but in the things you never considered. Now to unlock the ultimate next-level, you must master how to communicate with the unconscious mind, have you considered that yet?Yes, the most important skill in sales and persuasion is not conscious communication, it's your ability to communicate with the unconscious mind of your audience.The true masters of human communication understand that persuasion on a conscious level is frivolous, the result is unpredictable, and often compensated by over-working.SalesGod™ is the ultimate course on persuasion, influence and sales at the unconscious level.

UPGRD SalesGod
is for me if...

I am a high-performing busy individual who may be in one of the following:

sales professional, seasoned sales team managerreal

estate broker, agent

corporate executive, C-suite

high-level entrepreneur

content creator, celebrity

politician, leaders of massive organizations

spiritual leaders

How do I qualify
myself to join
UPGRD SalesGod

There is an income qualifier, a skill set qualifier and an ethical qualifier

You need to be collecting $25,000 (USD) MONTHLY or more as a minimum for the first level, OR your goal MUST justify the investment for this training. Otherwise we will recommend other trainings to you.

You need to be able to sell us on what you are a good fit, SalesGod is not for beginners.you need to show good character and track record of creating win-win situations.

You should attend SalesGod™ if you are going from the top 5% in annual income to top 1% and beyond.

What Does
UPGRD SalesGod
Teach Really?

We build upon and restructure your preexisting ideologies of how to sell.

SalesGod™ is not a sales training, it's a multiplier or even an exponent to your existing skill set and trainings. Most sales training teach us how to sell consciously, SalesGod™ is about how to be you, and naturally sell unconsciously.

Skills taught in this training are considered supernatural because they allow you to interact with the mind at levels the common men and women would never consider.

People sell to others in ways they want to be sold, yet both parties unconsciously filter out anything that does not match their current model of the world.

To actually get across, one must learn to bypass these unconscious filters.

The filters of the unconscious delete, distort and generalize information, to bypass them, we must deepen our understanding of the following


Will Enable
You to...

transcend the mere conscious
into a new realm.

Understand the unconscious mind and its true capabilitiesLearn how to communicate with our own unconscious mindLearn how to communicate with others' unconscious mindMaster these skills at work, in romantic relationship, in areas that are the most important to you now


God-level confidence, God-level ability to influence, and the activation of hidden unconscious capabilities.

The unconscious is the 'Goal-Getter' while conscious mind is the 'Goal-Setter'. When the two are aligned, you encounter less friction and achieve your goals smoothly.

No more unnecessary resistance and 'walls' between you and those you have a message for

Be so good at selling even when you are 'half-asleep' - Effortless selling because of custom micro-behavioral automation

Establish true rapport with others, genuinely connecting with your audience at a level that unskilled individuals will considered impossible

Enhance the experience of being in your presence, because of the Design and Build ProtocolTM

You can be the most comfortable you have ever been being the real you

How Will You Get
Results With SalesGod

There are 3 steps of training you
will want to go through

One-time $20k USD
for first event

Annual $5,5k USD (virtual)
Annual $7,5k USD (in-person)
Annual $8,5k USD (both)
for unlimited SalesGod events

Annual $30k-160k USD
for selected eventsSee Here

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