What's in Delta's Red Snack Box

Recently on a flight from JFK to LAX I found myself in economy. As my status with Delta has dropped in recent months, I am finding myself in the back of the bus more and more. Honestly I’m fine with this. After all you get wait you pay for. 

So on this flight form JFK to LAX I found myself incredibly hungry. Not wanting to opt for any of Delta’s Overpriced under seasoned cold cuts or cheese and fruit plates I decide to try out their $6 flight Delight Box. I requested my snack box and when the FA asked for her $6, I kindly handled her my “Have one on us” Delta coupons which was good for either a non-perishable snack, alcoholic beverage, or headphones (waste of a coupon). Making the best use of it (unless I wanted a $7 alcoholic beverage), I was able to use my coupon for a Doublewide Delight (A free snack) and use a coupon I’d been holding onto for far too long!2012-04-29-11.27.04

Upon opening my snack package I was fairly surprised by the array of snacks. Inside I found an entire goodie box full of snacks, even myself, a non-meat eating, avoider of hydrogenated-oil & high fructose corn syrup, could enjoy! Each Snack pack from Delta is slightly different, depending on the day when it’s package and what delta has in stock. Per the EATS menu, the snack pack is supposed to include: Stacy’s Brand® Pita Chips, Wild Garden™ Traditional Hummus Dip (great for putting on the pita chips!) Sommersaults Santa Fe Salsa Sunflower Seed Snacks (surprisingly delicious!), Kings Delicious® Fruit & Nut Mix, Back to Nature® Honey Graham Sticks, Nutella Spread and Surf Sweets Jelly Beans. My package contained EXACTLY what was promised and was I more than delighted! The hummus, is the same hummus from the SkyClub and spreads nicely on the Pita chips and the graham crackers are great for dunking in the Nutella! Not to mention the Jelly Beans give Jelly Belly a run for their money!


A final little treat in the box included a wet-nip and a microfiber Delta cloth. Originally I had no clue what I would do with such a thing, however I soon realized my glasses were dirty and they needed cleaning! Now the cloth lives inside my glasses case and goes with me everywhere!

Overall I’d say that if you’re hungry and stuck in a metal tube this would be well worth the $6. However it’s even more worth it when it’s Free! So if you have a Delta Drink coupon, consider turning it into a food coupon! If Delta raises the price, I’d say abort purchase! But if you’re like me, hungry and stuck at 35,000 feet and don’t eat meat, then this snack is for you!


Johnb300m June 7, 2012 at 11:02 am

That's awesome! Way better than United's boxes which are far more expensive, though still pretty tasty.

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