Upgrd 88: Credit Card Churning

In this week's frequent flyer podcast we are joined by Rick, frugal travel guy, to discuss churning credit cards for the most frequent flyer and hotel points. Listen as we discuss:

  • How you can apply for up multiple credit cards at once and apply again several times per year to get the most miles.
  • Why you should check your credit score against multiple agencies
  • Learning which credit agencies pull your score through other sites like creditboards.com (see their credit pulls database once you are a member) or Rick's Flyertalk thread that is a mini database of credit card pulls.
  • A FICO credit score above 700 is recommended for credit card churning
  • A VantageScore of at least 800 (B or good)
  • Keep track of your promotions with copies of your application, promotion details, and first card charges (if required to fulfill the promo)
  • Don't cancel your card until it's going to cost you money. If it doesn't cost you anything, hang on to the credit card until they ask for an annual fee
  • A denial does not hurt your score, its only the inquiry. The inquiry usually drops your credit score by 2 to 5 points.  Obviously if you apply to several and you are not getting approve, then you shouldn't be applying 
  • Keep your scores in the good to very good range

Got any credit card churning tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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