TCL 62: Travel Blog Exchange

In this week's flight attendant podcast we catch up on the news and talk about the travel blog exchange conference. We discuss:


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David Balcon June 26, 2011 at 09:11 am

A note to our chatty FAs: Airline elite FFers get up to 3 free checked bags, so that's not the reason they continue to carry on big roller cases and the like. They just don't want to wait a half hour for their "priority" bags to come down the chute! If the airlines and airports got their checked bag routine in order and could deliver bags in the 10-15 minutes it takes us to get off the plane and get to the airport exit, more FFers might start checking their bags, though I doubt it. But I think the airlines got it ass-backwards. They should be charging for carry-on, not for checked bags. But in their haste to reduce costs on the ground, they've created chaos onboard. Watching a flight board today is like watching a Marx Brothers comedy as all shapes and sizes of baggage are carried onboard in hopes there will be enough space to hold them. Then half-way through boarding the games begin as all the bins have been filled!

BTW even as a top tier elite in three programs who boards with the first group (and sits in First thanks to Unlimited First Class Upgrades), I almost always check my 20" roller bag. I hate the security procedure and can't figure out how to cram all my liquids and creams into a tiny quart-sized baggie!