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Upgrd 22: Box of Chocolates

Join us in this week's frequent flyer discussion about the Priority Club hotel loyalty program. We try to answer the "how much is a point worth" question specifically in relation to a much cheaper stay on priceline. Also we discuss:

  • United twares and other twitter nonsense
  • Irate United 1Ks
  • SkyAmerica - destined to failure before it launches?
  • Priority Club promotions
  • Value of PC points
  • Intercontinental Ambassador and Royal Ambassador program

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Upgrd Podcast 17: Not Necessarily The News

In this week's first class podcast we talk about:

  • Ben's trials and tribulations in economy (gasp!)
  • Video of American Airlines new 737 seats
  • United's new policy for passengers of size
  • Clarification on Ben's "always have upgrade instruments available" claim

We are taking next week off, so check back in two weeks for our next episode. Please leave comments below.


Upgrd Podcast 16: You'll love the way we advertise

In this week's airline podcast, we are joined by guest contibutor Gray from his Wing and a Prayer blog.  We discuss:
Gray's recent trip to Uzbekistan, including how you get there on Star Alliance Matthew's 95,000 United miles accrued already A free op-up on Emirates Our ...

Upgrd Podcast 14: Unimerican vs Deltinental

Catchy title, eh?
In this week's podcast we discuss the two major frequent flyer program structures between the big four airlines. Both United and American have similar programs, as do Delta and Continental. In addition to the frequent flyer comparison we cover:
Ben's taunting of the ...

Upgrd Podcast 11: Lucky 11

After a long week of traveling, podcast number 11 is finally edited and ready to go. We met in Las Vegas for a meeting of Flyertalk members and recorded this podcast "live" at the Encore hotel on the strip. We discussed:

  • Las vegas (of course!)
  • Sky kits
  • The TSA's new ridiculous policies
  • Ben's note to the Captain
  • Ben and Matt's upcoming walk-off challange
  • Listener mail - Go for Global Services on United, or continue to split premium travel between United and Cathay Pacific to Asia?
  • Show and tell - Please tell us how you keep cables organized in the comments below.

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Upgrd Podcast 7: With Aplomb

Sorry for the delay in releasing this week's podcast, let's just say there were some technical difficulties. This week's Upgrd podcast continues our main topic discussion of hotel programs. In addition we discuss:
When/If will airlines offer double elite qualifying miles (DEQM) and will ...

Upgrd Podcast 5: Zero Niner

Welcome to the first podcast recorded in 2009! As it is the start of the year, we provide a wrap up of 2008 with a review of our most memorable flying and start afresh with predictions for 2009. We review Josh's decision from last week's poll and discuss other topics.

In our predictions we mention some major carriers that might finally buckle under the current economy. We want to know which of the major carriers will have the biggest downward change in 2009? From selling off major routes, to being bought out, to declaring bankruptcy. Which of the big guys will have the biggest change?


Upgrd Podcast 3: New York City!

This week's podcast is now online (finally!). We discuss:
Listener mail in our "Dear Ted" section: a frequent flyer in San Francisco can't decide whether to stay with American, or switch to United Delta Airlines introducing wi-fi on their shuttle flights What's your ...

Upgrd Podcast 2: Intro to Alliances and Mileage Runs

In this week's episode, we start off with a couple of "secret" pieces of information followed by a debate about the best (US)airport. After listening, please vote in our poll to the right.
Our main feature this week is an introduction to airline alliances and mileage runs. We ...