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United Spent $600K in 4Q Government Lobbying

The AP reports that United spent $600,000 lobbying government officials in the Fourth Quarter of 2009. Among United's concerns:
1. DOT Tarmac Delay Guidelines
United's lobbying disclosure report doesn't say which side it took on the legislation, but most airlines opposed new ...

Initial Observations on United's New Unlimited Domestic Upgrade Program

I won't get to witness UA's new UDU program first-hand until Friday (my upgrades are waitlisted, BTW), but my brother traveled from FRA-IAD-LAX on United yesterday. He is a Premier and was traveling on an H-fare--an upper-end Economy ticket.
Sunday is generally not a good day to travel from ...

The Authoritative Post on Airline Fees

Although he wrote it in January, the Philadelphia Inquirer just published a column our friend Christopher Elliott did on airline fees in this week's Sunday travel section.
Some of his analysis is spot-on, much of it is...not.
First, what makes airline fees reasonable? According to ...

The United Premier Snack Mix is Not Really Much of a Mix…

I don’t love pretzels. In fact, I somewhat dislike them. Most airlines stopped the peanuts due to the allergy craze, which seems to have come out of nowhere, and now they all serve pretzels. Lucky for me, my air carrier of choice serves a “premium snack mix.” I grabbed one ...

Virgin America to Expand Service to Orlando and Toronto from West Coast

Good news for LAX and SFO-based flyers. With Virgin America entering the MCO and YYZ market, you may soon see some great deals to those destinations. MCO fares are usually reasonable, but YYZ fares are often over $500 r/t from SFO or LAX.
One way fares from LAX to MCO will begin at ...

United Airlines Fails to Smoothly Roll out Unlimited Domestic Upgrades

Just my luck… My business travel landed me a BOS-SFO flight on March 19, 2010, the day United Airlines is set to roll out unlimited domestic upgrades. While I suspected that flights on the 19th would be completely messed up, from an IT systems perspective , I had some hope reserved ...

Paperless Boarding Passes now Available on United Airlines

In a shocking move for UA's crack IT department, you can now use your web-enabled mobile phone to check in for your flight and obtain a boarding pass. You can also check schedules, flight status, and flight availability on UA's new beta mobile site.
Just go to mobile.united.com, login, and ...

Hot Nuts Gone on United?

Two recent posts in the omnibus "Let's Eat" thread on Flyertalk, where travelers post what meals they were served on UA, suggest that United may be phasing out hot nuts.
A LAX-ORD and LAX-LIH flight last week featured a new bag of premium mix rather than the traditional warmed nuts in ...

My biggest concern with United's new upgrade program

We're just five days away from the start of United's new unlimited domestic upgrade program. I'm looking forward to it, though in the back of my mind there is a lingering concern that my perfect upgrade record since I became 1K in 2007 will come to an end.
Although it is rather tedious now to ...

Three Minute Connection in SFO

I posted last night that two of my three flights were zeroed out for my trip back to Philadelphia and I hoped to spend the night at SFO with a $600 voucher in my pocket. Things did not go so smoothly.
The SkyWest staff at Burbank continues to frustrate me. Most workers are nice, but they're not ...

Time for Another Trip on United

Man, that 36 hours on the ground in Southern California went quickly.

I'm off in a few hours to Philadelphia again via SFO and IAD. Loads look full for my redeye, so let's see if I get a bump tonight. If I have time, I may even try to join Lucky and his brother at the British Airways Terrace lounge at SFO.

I finally upgraded the data plan on my mobile phone and picked up an iPhone, so now I should be able to update you even faster if something goes awry!

Smooth Sailing on United Today

I was scheduled to fly from PHL-ORD-SNA this evening, but becuase I have been under the weather the last few days and just wanted to get home ASAP, I showed up early at PHL this morning to try to get on a non-stop flight to LAX leaving PHL 0643.
At first, I thought I the agent would refuse my ...

Bump Strategy: Take the Earlier Redeye

Sunday evening I travelled from BUR-SFO-IAD-PHL, including a redeye from SFO-IAD. United is currently running two redeyes from SFO-IAD Sunday evenings, a 767 departing at 2230 and a 757 departing at 2315. I am used to taking the 2230 flight, but chose the later flight for the following ...

My Lost and Found Ordeal with United Airlines

I flew up to Vancouver Saturday morning on United and haphazardly left my camera under my seat in 2D. While relaxing in the Maple Leaf Lounge about an hour after touching down in YVR, I suddenly had a sinking feeling in my stomach that my camera wasn't in my bag. Sure enough, it wasn't. I walked ...

Upgrd 57: LOT o' Mail

This week we answer some frequent flyer questions, both our own and from listener mail. In addition we tried something a little different, recording the whole discussion from the time people joined the call. We discussed:
Damian joins us to discuss his very recent experience in ...

United got me home from Chicago...but it took some arm twisting!

Hello from Honolulu. Turns out I made it home last night. It took some wrangling, but I got rebooked in First Class from Chicago to LAX and made it home about two hours later than planned. This was after being told there was no way I could make it back to the west coast that day because “every ...