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This Kickstarter product combines a USB-C hub and pocket battery

Back when USB peripherals first started to proliferate, there was a brief flurry of USB hubs. Plug one into your computer, and you had a few more ports for your sketch tablet, your DVD burner, your USB-powered fan, whatever.
For the last several years, most computers have had enough ports. ...

Book Airfare and Hotels with Bitcoin

Over the last several years Bitcoin online currency has become substantial more popular and now traveling on Bitcoin and paying for flights, hotels, and more is a reality as some online retailers are starting to accept payment via Bitcoin.
Currently there are only a few major online retailers ...
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Guide to Text & Fly - I LOVE T-Mobile

I just finished my first flight since T-mobile and GOGO launched inflight texting on 9/17/14 and I must say it was freaking awesome! I hope T-mobile launches this on other inflight networks, like their international network that American Air currently use on their international flights operated by ...

Bad data in United app, operational delays and expired beer

Yes, another blog post on United's poor operational performance.  As always, the experience flying with United is a mixed bag.  Being a United regular and 1K, I generally know how to handle these issues, but I always feel for the less frequent travelers who get such a poor ...

Delta says 'ante-up,' enhances transcon in-flight product

In 2010, Delta unveiled its "keep climbing" campaign, designed to overhaul the customer experience on all of its flights following a merger with Northwest Airlines
The fiercely competitive transcontinental market between New York and Los Angeles/San Francisco is about to watch one of its major ...

Innovation @ Madrid: airport allure

Next to complimentary upgrades, intelligent machines are perhaps the next-best thing to help enhance the travel experience for a road-warrior. Last August, Iberia Airlines of Spain unveiled Project Agora, an undertaking designed to improve the passenger experience for travelers passing through ...

United unveils the "airport lounge of the future" at O'Hare Terminal 2

Today was the opening day of the new Terminal 2 United lounge at Chicago O'Hare International airport (ORD), and I had the privilege of testing it out.
United claims that the new design will be a prototype for future lounges, as the carrier is investing $50 million in its global ...

Hyatt Gold Passport added to iOS Passbook

I happened to be checking on my Hyatt account online when I noticed a link to add to Passbook on my iPhone.

Passbook is a handy tool that is available for iPhone users running iOS 6.0 or newer.  More and more travel providers are adding Passbook access.  United, Starwood, and ...

Delta launches newly-redesigned website

"Our newest hub is not an airport." Delta Air Lines' motto, "Keep Climbing," has soared to new heights after the Atlanta-based carrier went live with its new website yesterday.
It's been roughly two years since Delta has re-vamped its main webpage, and the carrier has completed a massive ...

Technology on the Road-Part 2: The Ultimate Cellphone

(Click here for the list of the previous topics in this series)
Choosing a phone for travel can be tricky, confusing and expensive. In my opinion, a phone for travelers needs to satisfy at least these following conditions:
Can be used both domestically and internationally Reduce ...

The Passbook: Apple and Aviation

Today, my coworker and blog reader Matt submitted a pretty hilarious picture of the Apple Passbook, which is a new native application that will arrive on the upcoming iOS6 release.
Notice anything interesting about this picture?
Images of the Apple Passbook. Does anything stand out to ...

Lufthansa - Wifi over the Atlantic (again)

Lufthansa is in the process of re-launching a wifi service for trans-atlantic flights!  This is both great and terrible news.  It is wonderful if you need to be in touch...but terrible if you want to have no choice but to be out of touch!

Pricing is not inexpensive at EUR19.95 for 24 hours of access...but perhaps not unreasonable when you consider where you are logging in from.

I guess you need to fly trans-pacific to be 'out of range!'

More details are on LH's website here:


Lufthansa Trans-Atlantic Wifi Service

New Continental Airlines iPhone/iPad App

Continental (or should I say United?) Airlines has released an iPhone/iPad app that incorporates the best features of CO's mobile website into a single app with a snazzy interface.
Key features of the app include:
Flight booking including Reward Travel Check-in and Mobile ...

MIT Proposes Next Generation 737 - Increasing Fuel Efficiency by 70%

Although the prototype design appears unconventional based on the way we currently envision commercial aircraft, MIT is serious: the technology exists to substantially decrease fuel consumption while not compensating performance. Take a look at their proposal, at left, for the future of Boeing's 737 ...

Airlines Work to Update Technology

...[I]f you’ve ever been stranded at an airport during a raging thunderstorm, chances are you will end up standing in a long line watching a gate agent typing furiously on an outdated computer.
Isn't that the truth?
Here's the problem:
The airline industry was once a ...