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Delta Recognizes their site is inferior!

Last week when searching award fares I broke down and vented to Delta my frustrations! My original email to delta complained about two things. 1) This award calendar suck and don't work! (See my post about my frustrations here) and 2 the website sucks for partners awards! And yes I even ...

These alliances are Jinxed!

It's official, I have Jinxed the airline business! Yesterday in my blog When Germans attack, I wrote:

on a final note, this is extremely good news for One World, because One World has been a struggling alliance in recent years. JAL has recently gone ... -> Broken

Any Frequent flyer or FF of Delta knows that has a reputation of having the worst award space availability in the US and even when traveling worldwide! It's NEVER (ok rarely) good to use your miles on Delta when there's a skyteam partner or other partner with seats available for redemption ...

Reexamining the International Upgrade Issue

A great amount of time has been spent complaining about Delta’s policy for international upgrades – that is, upgrades on a product with BusinessElite, where BusinessElite service is provided.  No real amount of change has been seen with this product.  The relatively recent ...

A Quick Look At the Czech Airlines Lounge in Prague

We finished our euro-trip in Prague, and while we had a 6AM flight to Frankfurt (followed by an A380 trip to SFO in business class - woot!), we made time to quickly stop in the Czech Airlines Lounge.
I'll spoil the surprise and tell you that this lounge was nothing amazing, but the thing I ...

Airlines Using Social Media to Win Over Frequent Fliers

Guest Post by Franklyn Miller...
Hello!  All of you are familiar with my colleague Jamie Reese and her experiences on Delta.  Jamie had asked me to share a story with you about my recent experience with Delta, with the difference being that I have no status with Delta. 
So, ...

Munich's SkyTeam Options

As one might expect in a non-hub city, Munich's airport does not cater well to the SkyTeam world.  Terminal 2 is dominated by Lufthansa and Star Alliance - and the amenities are good.  The post-security shopping is ample, there are an ample number of restaurants and bars, good lounges (as ...

Part Two: Don't Blame Delta... Because It's Good to Compromise Our Values

For the past several days, there's been a lot of chatter on the interwebs about a suggestion (which seems to have really taken off with this HuffPost article by Rabbi Jason Miller) that people boycott put pressure on Delta because "Delta will add Saudi Arabian Airlines to its SkyTeam Alliance of ...

Part One: Don't Blame Delta... Because the Airline Business is Complicated

For the past several days, there's been a lot of chatter on the interwebs about a suggestion (which seems to have really taken off with this HuffPost article by Rabbi Jason Miller) that people boycott put pressure on Delta because "Delta will add Saudi Arabian Airlines to its SkyTeam Alliance of ...
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Don't Blame Delta for Saudi Foreign Policy

The Rabbi Jason Miller is not happy with Delta Air Lines. In a poorly-written article published in the Huffington Post, Miller bemoans that Saudi Arabian Airlines will soon be a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, the airline group that Delta is part of. In a call to action to both Jews and Gentiles, he ...

Joint Venture May Be Key To Wooing LATAM Into Star Alliance

The push for metal neutrality continues!
During an airline conference in Houston today, United CEO Jeff Smisek announced that United Airlines is interested in forming a trans-border joint venture with Air Canada and a joint venture with an airline or airlines in Latin ...

Using a Delta SWU on Air France with Premium Economy

Since no one is touching this on UPGRD, I'm coming out of the dark for a moment to fill you in on what you probably already knew.
In the past, most Delta (DL) people have moaned about the relative uselessness of SWUs, formerly known as PMUs.  I always felt obligated to use them when they ...

My Thoughts on Avianca-TACA and Copa Joining Star Alliance

As Fozz reported, in a ceremony in Miami earlier today, Star Alliance announced that Avianca-TACA and Copa will join Star Alliance by mid-2012.
Avianca and TACA merged last year, though the two airlines still operate separately and are not formally affiliated with an alliance. Currently, ...

Aerolineas Argentinas to Join SkyTeam

SkyTeam flyers will finally have an airline based in South America after Aerolineas Argentinas announced its intention to begin the process of joining the alliance by the end of the month, with full integration by mid-2012.
While Star Alliance and OneWorld fight over which alliance the ...

BA Chief Confident LAN Will Stay in OneWorld

British Airway's Chief Executive, Willie Walsh, said this week that the LAN/TAM merger is not a threat to OneWorld.
He argued that "LAN are very much core members of Oneworld," and that the new Latam Airlines company already sees the advantages of remaining in OneWorld. Of ...

China Airlines to Join SkyTeam

Bolstering its prescence in China and the surrounding region, China Airlines has announced plans to join SkyTeam by mid-2011. The Taiwan-based carrier serves 93 destinations in 28 countries with a fleet of 66 aircraft.
The carrier will only add four new SkyTeam destinations, but will give ...

SkyTeam bolstering its lineup: Tarom and China Eastern to join

SkyTeam, which added Vietnam Airlines to its alliance last month, will soon add two more members to the team.
Romania's Tarom Airlines will join later this week and offer an alternative to SkyTeam's already robust presence in Europe. Tarom also offers flights to the Middle ...

Comparing Clubs: Delta and United

We talk about this stuff a lot, but I thought I might share my evaluation of clubs for the airlines I frequently fly.  Some common factors (like being crowded on Sundays) are not included.  Comments, as always, are welcome.

Upgrd 54: Award Bookings

In this first podcast of a series on airline award bookings we discuss the basics of how we use our miles and an overview of different award types. In future podcasts, over the next few weeks, we will discuss specific reward programs and alliances in greater detail.

In addition we discussed JAL's decision between SkyTeam and OneWorld, although that dicussion seems a bit dated now.  Please send in your recent award redemptions stories and questions for our next few airline award booking shows.


Oneworld lives! JAL to stay with American

I can't keep up - but as of right now rueters is reporting that JAL is sticking with OneWorld and not joining Delta in Skyteam.
JAL's new chief executive officer, Kazuo Inamori, and officials of the ETIC have decided that switching alliances is too risky and could hinder their ability to turn ...