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Saudia Airlines joins SkyTeam

Saudia's new logo
Today's post evaluates Saudi Arabian Airlines' official entrance into the SkyTeam global alliance, which occurred on May 29, 2012. The airline, which has since been re-branded and renamed to "Saudia" or "Saudi Airlines" is the official flag carrier for the Kingdom of ...

Analysis: Legality of EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

Here's a short paper I wrote recently on the legality of the European Union's ETS. Enjoy!
What happens when an airline suddenly finds itself forced to break a law? It has two possible courses of actions—one action violates law in one jurisdiction and the other violates law in another ...
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Jeff Smisek's "Passionate Plea" to United Pilots

Jeff Smisek assumes the "good cop" role in a letter to United Airlines pilots concerning ongoing contract negotiations. Still, the United CEO does not dance around the highly contentious, primary issue of dispute: the scope clause. 
Dear Pilots:
I want to thank you for your ...
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American Airlines Hints at Potential Merger with US Airways

After weeks of repeated denials that it was even considering a merger with US Airways, American Airlines has agreed to "study" the prospects of a marriage between America's third and fifth largest air carrier by traffic.
American Airlines says it is agreeing with creditors to consider ...

Sacramento Opts Out of TSA Screening

After months of exploration, Sacramento International Airport has decided to replace federally-employed Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport screeners with private contractors. This is an opt-out I support.
As a compromise to House Republicans over a decade ago, language in the ...

United Airlines Pulls a "Newark" at SFO

Responding to robust demand and added flights to Newark, Cleveland, and Houston, United Airlines has pulled a "Newark" on us at San Francisco International Airport.
To understand what it means to "pull a Newark" you must be familiar with United's operations at Newark's Liberty International ...

Brighter skies ahead for bankrupt American Airlines?

American Airlines' bright outlook: 1Q yield grows as international flights & product to be enhanced It seems like the continuous "good-news, bad-news" cycle repeats itself for US legacy carrier American Airlines this week as the airline had mixed reports in the media on its overall health as it ...

Israeli President Flies Air Canada over El-Al

If you are flying with oxygen, you might want to stay away from El-Al, the national carrier of Israel.
Israel's national airline has apologized to President Shimon Peres after attempting to charge him nearly $5,000 to bring an oxygen tank on an official trip to Canada.
Israeli media ...
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The Secret Story of American Airlines' AAirpass Program

When I am in California, the Los Angeles Times is a critical component of my breakfast each morning. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a fascinating article on American Airlines' fight against alleged abusers of their AAirpass program. The story is well worth ...

An Update on the Burma Business/First Class Fare Sale

The dust has now settled a bit in the latest airfare pricing extravaganza, but the fun has just begun. For those just joining the party, on Tuesday and Wednesday fares originating in Burma to just about anywhere in the world were bookable in economy, business and first class for a fraction of their ...

All aboard the grumble bus

It seems like the news outlets are bursting this week with griping.
Caution: before you continue reading, I must warn you, this post will be full of debbie-downerism. I advise anyone who can't tolerate far-fetched, irrational boo-hooing to abstain from full exposure to such sources.
Let's ...

Spotlight on Deutsche Lufthansa, the 747-8I and India

German Airline Group Deutsche Lufthansa has revealed the first initial routes to receive the new "Queen of the Skies," also known as the 747-8 series aircraft, starting in approximately one month's time.
On Friday, Lufthansa announced on its social media newsroom page that its ...

TSA Agent Arrested for Throwing Hot Coffee on Pilot

This is an old story, but one I have been meaning to highlight for the last two weeks. Should a pilot have spoken up when he heard a Transportation Security Officer (TSO) using filthy language while in costume or just minded his own business? That's not an easy question to answer.
...[A] ...

News debrief, around the world

United CEO Smisek: No need for O’Hare expansion, new airport At a City Club of Chicago Forum, held last Thursday, United Airlines President and CEO Jeff Smisek vocalized that there is "no need" to build an extra runway at Chicago O'Hare International airport, appearing at odds with ...

Spirit Airlines' Secret Service Sale: "Upfront payment is required"

Leave it to Spirit Airlines to poke fun at the Secret Service scandal with a "more bang for your buck" sale. 
Spirit is concurrently running a "More Bang for Your Buck!" sale on $19.80 flights to Cartagena, Colombia, where several Secret Service agents allegedly spent a night ...

Drama in Houston

Workers remove a sign with the old Continental Airlines logo to reveal the new United logo featuring Continental's blue globe. Image courtesy of Roger Yu at USA Today.
"FORTUNE -- United Continental Holdings is learning the hard way that it isn't wise to mess with Texas. The recently ...

Spotlight on American Airlines in San Juan, Puerto Rico

A "hub away from home"  Airline deregulation may have spurred movement among legacy US carriers to drift towards the "hub-and-spoke" model. Interestingly, as part of that process, many of them pursued the idea of creating "off-shore" hubs that were not located on U.S. soil. Although ...