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TSA Find Bomb, Leaves it Behind, Prompts Bomb Scare

Security analyst Bruce Schneider, a fierce critic of the TSA, brings us another example of the agency's (in)competence:

TSA screener finds two pipes in passenger's bags. Screener determines that they're not a threat. Screener confiscates them anyway, because of their "material and ...
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Spanair Ceases Operations

Barcelona-based Spanair, a Star Alliance Member, has ceased operations effective 27 January 2011. The struggling carrier has fought to stay afloat recently, but after a recent round of talks with Qatar Airways failed to produce an investment agreement, the Spanish government announced this ...


Spirit Airlines Bickers Over the Return of All-In Pricing

American Airlines All In Pricing

A refreshing change has hit U.S. airline websites this morning: the return of all-in pricing. Under a new directive by the Department of Transportation, airlines must now display all-in pricing initially and at all junctures of your flight search--not just on the final purchase page.


Senator Rand Paul Detained by the TSA for Refusing Invasive Patdown

I want to be careful not to blow this story out of proportion, but there is a key point we can take away from today's incident at Nashville Airport in which Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was temporarily detained by the TSA for refusing to undergo a patdown after walking through a full body scanner: he ...

TSA Carry-On Policy: Guns Yes, Cupcakes No

If the Transportation Security Administration was a Shakespeare play, it would be A Comedy of Errors. In an apparent case of mistaken identity and astounding sloppiness, an x-ray scanner picked up a .38-caliber revolver in a passenger's carry-on baggage at Dallas/Fort-Worth International Airport, ...

Who will bid for AMR Corp? Merger mania

Discussion of the day:

According to the Aviation Biz Blog, an aviation-themed blog published by The Dallas Morning News, Delta Air Lines, Inc. and private equity firm TPG Capital are separately assessing potential bids for AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines. Given ...

American Airlines in Delhi, India and Aviation Insights Review (AIR)

American Airlines to discontinue flights 292/293 between Chicago and India Sadly, but not shockingly, AA is axing their nonstop Chicago O'Hare to New Delhi flight. This flight has been around for 5+ years and weathered some pretty brutal downturns in the industry. When it was first launched in ...

United Airlines Confirms Continued Use of "Rhapsody in Blue"

Lap it up as small victory in the "war of influence" (a war over whether Continental or United will emerge as the true post-meger airline), but United confirmed today it will keep "Rhapsody in Blue" as its signature theme song...sort of.

"We're going to keep that around, but whether it ...

Brussels Airlines Returns to New York JFK

It has been one decade since the Belgian flag carrier served New York City, but starting this summer Brussels Airlines, a Star Alliance member, will resume service between New York Kennedy and Brussels.

SN0501 - DEPART BRU 10:20 ARRIVE JFK 12:35
SN0502 - DEPART JFK 17:15 ...

KLM Matchmaking Service: Pick Your Seatmate on Facebook

Have you ever had a morbidly obese, chain-smoking, McDonald's-loving, shower-hating seatmate next to you on a six hour transcon? Or the guy who won't stop talking about his work? Or granny who feels the need to retell her family history to you between telling it to each of the FA and the ...

Bigoted Delta Pilot Throws Muslims Off Flight

How would you feel if you were searched by the TSA, then "randomly" searched and questioned again prior to boarding, then required by the airline gate agent to show your identification while other passengers were not, then pulled off the airplane because those around you allegedly felt nervous, ...


Mark Schwab New Star Alliance CEO

Mark Schwab CEO Star Alliance United Airlines

Hot off the press, Star Alliance has named a replacement for departing CEO Jaan Albrecht. Mark Schwab, former Senior Vice President of Alliances at United Airlines, will continue his close work with Star Alliance, now as the head of the company.

Here's the press release:


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Congressional Bill to "Strip" TSA Screeners of "Officer" Title

I concede that Congress has more important matters to worry about than the proper designation for a Transportation Security Administration clerk, but I have to applaud Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn's attempt to roll back the "officer" designation, costume, and badge given to TSA security ...


Fascinating Details Behind Air France 447 Crash

Mike sent me a fascinating story on Air France 447, a flight that crashed over the Atlantic Ocean nearly two years ago during a turbulent storm. After 18 months of searching, the black boxes were found and closely scrutizined. Now they have been released to the public and reveal that pilot error ...

Virgin Australia brand is expanding internationally


I recently returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand, and am currently in the process of posting trip reports from my journey.  Most recently, V Australia Business Class from LAX to Sydney. 

Until now, there have been various names for the airlines owned by the ...

What American Airlines' Bankruptcy Filing Means for You

AMR Corp, parent of American Airlines, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this morning. Bankruptcy does not mean going out of business. Far from it, the move will allow the company to restructure and emerge as a more competitive airlines. Travelers will not notice anything different today ...


Forced to Stand for Seven Hours on a US Airways Flight

The issue of how to approach a POS (passenger of size) is always a delicate one. As the debate rages over how much personal control some obese people really have over their weight, it is important to approach this topic in a respectful tone. How an airline should deal with an obese person is not ...


Man Sues Delta for $2MN for Hearing Loss on Loud Flight

I have seen dozens of petty airline-related lawsuits over the years, but this one takes the cake. An Oregon man is suing Delta Air Lines for $2MN, claiming he suffered permanent hearing loss on a fight from Minneapolis to Portland because the cabin was too loud.

Kent J. Neilson claims the ...


AirTran Airways Sued for Cockroaches and Indifference

Sort of like the composition of hot dogs, some thing things are better left unknown and we really do not want know what is creeping about behind air vents, walls, and floors on the aircraft we fly. But once in a while the critters find a way out, like on a recent AirTran flight that was allegedly ...