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Emirates, the 'Beast in the Middle East,' feels the heat

An Emirates Airbus A380 flies over the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Image courtesy of Google.

"We can reel off a whole load of airlines that are teetering on the brink or are really gone. Roll this forward to Christmas, another eight or ...

Midweek debrief: Around-the-World

Happy Wednesday afternoon from a beautiful Chicago! Sunny and 79 degrees in March, practically an unheard of phenomenon in the Midwest. The views are so gorgeous, I'll share a shot I captured today outside the office window:

I've had a few days of blogging hiatus since I took a ...

TSA Concedes Failure of Full Body Scanners

TSA’s Iraqi Information Minister, Blogger Bob, addressed the new video “making its way around the interwebs” about why full body scanners actually make us less safe. His words were telling. Let’s go through them, one sentence at a time.

I watched the video and it ...


Southwest and AirTran receive FAA Single Operating Certificate

If an airline merger were to be seen like a marriage, and Southwest and AirTran had already announced their plans for engagement last May, then receiving a Single Operating Certificate (SOC) by the Federal Aviation Administration is like receiving a marriage license. Today, that step was ...

A response to the Boyd Group


After a bit of a weekend hiatus, I am ready to get back to some blogging. I definitely intend to blog a bit more with updates on the Kingfisher Airlines debacle which I posted last week.

Aviation Hot Flash

Exciting news for Chicago passengers wanting to get ...

American Airlines and lessons in cost structure

Today, I stumbled across an article that provides didactic insight into business lessons that can be learned from the airline industry. Published yesterday in Inc. magazine, A Lesson on Cost From American Airlines,  assesses how maintaining control over shifts in the "cost ...

Are cute women more likely to be selected for TSA body scanners?

AIT scanner

There have been some recent news reports discussing TSA forcing women through body scanners (nude-o-scopes) due to their looks.  One woman claimed she was asked to submit to scanning 3 times before the TSA agent let her go.  

According to CBS 11 in Dallas: 

The ...

"For the World's Largest Airline, It's Time to Fly."

The United Airlines' 'Sweep,' developed by Saul Bass in 1974, remains one of the most iconic logos in aviation history.  

And just like that, it went from, "It's Time to Fly," to "You're going to need a bigger map."

The former slogan, first unveiled at Superbowl ...

Women Forced to Drive to Denver Because No Female TSA Agent on Duty?

Note the question mark--when I first head about the story, I rolled my eyes and commented, "The TSA did it again," but there is a question as to who was at fault.

A Littleton woman said she missed her flight because the Transportation Security Administration didn’t have any female ...

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TSA Find Bomb, Leaves it Behind, Prompts Bomb Scare

Security analyst Bruce Schneider, a fierce critic of the TSA, brings us another example of the agency's (in)competence:

TSA screener finds two pipes in passenger's bags. Screener determines that they're not a threat. Screener confiscates them anyway, because of their "material and ...
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Spanair Ceases Operations

Barcelona-based Spanair, a Star Alliance Member, has ceased operations effective 27 January 2011. The struggling carrier has fought to stay afloat recently, but after a recent round of talks with Qatar Airways failed to produce an investment agreement, the Spanish government announced this ...


Spirit Airlines Bickers Over the Return of All-In Pricing

American Airlines All In Pricing

A refreshing change has hit U.S. airline websites this morning: the return of all-in pricing. Under a new directive by the Department of Transportation, airlines must now display all-in pricing initially and at all junctures of your flight search--not just on the final purchase page.


Senator Rand Paul Detained by the TSA for Refusing Invasive Patdown

I want to be careful not to blow this story out of proportion, but there is a key point we can take away from today's incident at Nashville Airport in which Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was temporarily detained by the TSA for refusing to undergo a patdown after walking through a full body scanner: he ...