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AirTran Airways Sued for Cockroaches and Indifference

Sort of like the composition of hot dogs, some thing things are better left unknown and we really do not want know what is creeping about behind air vents, walls, and floors on the aircraft we fly. But once in a while the critters find a way out, like on a recent AirTran flight that was allegedly ...


Recognizing Pilot Bravery: Iran Air vs. LOT Polish Airlines


We have rightfully heard a lot of praise for the LOT Polish Airlines pilots who landed a Boeing 767 on its belly in Warsaw yesterday after the landing gear failed to deploy. Hailed as a hero, Captain Tadeusz Wrona deserves a great deal of recognition for his bravery and skill in carefully landing ...

A Closer Look at the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

26 counties, including the United States, lodged a formal protest today against a European Union law to tax all airlines travelling to and from Europe for their carbon emissions.

Might this be the start of a trade war? Here is a bit more background on the program, courtesy of ...

Singapore Airlines Introduces "Scoot" Budget Carrier

Singapore Airlines revealed some more details about its planned low-cost subsidiary today. Here is a brief summary:

The airline will be called "Scoot" Operations will begin in June 2012 Four Boeing 777-200 jets will be used initially The carrier will focus on destinations that are 5-10 ...

bmi to sell bmi Regional


 Sources say that bmi is in advanced discussions to sell bmi Regional to a U.K investor group previously associated with the regional business. The sale would be in the form of shares of bmi Regional, all assets used in the bmi Regional business including the aircraft fleet, the existing ...

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Air India Passengers Wait 9 Hours to Travel from London Gatwick to Heathrow

I offer my condolences to the 300+ passengers on Air India flight 131 from Mumbai to London earlier this week, who were trapped on a 777 for nine hours in a comedy of errors that further diminishes the image of Air India.

Fog is not something out of the ordinary in London, but the early ...


Turkish Airlines Adds New Routes from Istanbul

Keep a close watch on Turkish Airlines: the carrier is growing fast and fiercely competing with its rivals. I have watched its route network grow over the last few years and am amazed that the carrier continues to add routes around the world. Yesterday, Turkish announced plans to add four ...


TSA SPOT Program Wastes Time and Money

The Transportation Security Administration is actively testing its new Israeli-style interrogation program at Boston’s Logan Airport. The new screening method is part of the TSA’s SPOT (Screening of Passengers by Observation Technique) initiative that began in 2001, encompasses the ...


Bribed TSA Officer Conspires with Drug Smuggler at LAX…9 Times!

I wish I could say I am surprised, but I am not: a Transportation Security Administration Officer at Los Angeles International Airport was busted on Sunday for aiding and abetting a drug smuggler sneak 15lbs of marijuana past security. Turns out she had helped the guy nine times in the past with ...

Ryanair to Remove Toilets on Aircraft

When speaking about Ryanair, it is always difficult to determine whether they are serious or just fishing for publicity, but they are in the news again, and once again the issue is lavatories. While the Irish carrier dropped plans to charge passengers to use the loo, they have decided to do the ...


EU Court: Airline Carbon Trading Scheme is Legal

A European Court held today that the European Union can proceed with ambitious plans to implement its Emission Trading Scheme on 01 January, 2012.

European Court of Justice Advocate General Juliane Kokott said the "EU legislation doesn't infringe the sovereignty of other States or the ...

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Airport Security Screening of the Future

A little blurb on airport passengers screening in the Washington Post caught my eye today:

AMSTERDAM — The airline industry has presented its vision for a security ‘checkpoint of the future,’ which would speed up safety checks by sorting passengers according to the ...


American Airlines Headed for Bankruptcy?

The balance sheet at American Airlines is looking more troubling by the day.  Some are warning about bankruptcy, though I am not convinced that will be necessary. In fact, if you are the gambling-type, this may be the perfect time to invest in American Airlines stock.

Rumors flared ...

Delta Air Lines Hijacker Captured in Portugal

Remember the days when people who hijacked airplanes just wanted money or to make a point without physcailly hurting anyone?

A convicted killer who escaped a New Jersey prison in 1970, then hijacked a U.S. airliner two years later, has been captured in Portugal.

The FBI says ...

A New Generation of Global Jet-Setters

Scott McCartney, author of the weekly Middle Seat column in the Wall Street Journal, wrote on a topic near and dear to my heart today: "a growing number of 20-somethings mastering the calculus of frequent-flier miles, making globe-trotting their hobby."

Yes, that aptly describes me and I ...


Singapore Airlines A380 to fly Singapore - Frankfurt - New York

Singapore Airlines award space

Singapore Airlines announced plans today to replace their aging 747-400 now serving the Singapore - Frankfurt - New York Kennedy route with an A380-800. Starting on January 15, 2012, the new aircraft will take over the route as Frankfurt and New York will become the ninth and tenth Singapore A380 ...

The Legality and Ethics of Terminating a Frequent Flyer Account

Binyomin Ginsberg Northwest airlines

Random Segments writes a well-reasoned and provocative piece on the case of Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg, the Minneapolis man who found his elite status revoked and mileage account closed after complaining too much to Northwest Airlines. Ginsberg is suing, arguing that Northwest had no right to ...

Wi-Fi Arrives on Delta Regional Jets

Delta is already one of the leading U.S. carriers when it comes to in-flight internet access and now has become the first U.S. carrier to offer wireless internet access on its regional fleet:

Delta Air Lines announced Wednesday that it will become the first carrier ...