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Hyatt Gold Passport added to iOS Passbook


I happened to be checking on my Hyatt account online when I noticed a link to add to Passbook on my iPhone.

Passbook is a handy tool that is available for iPhone users running iOS 6.0 or newer.  More and more travel providers are adding Passbook access.  United, ...

Speaking of Gogo, a killer holiday travel giveaway


The folks at Gogo, whose inflight Wi-Fi gear we just showed off last week, are doing a giveaway for the next several days that really warms the heart of this techie traveler. Their "Ultimate Travel Fashion Kit" includes a rolling carry-on and a tote from Tumi, a MacBook Air, unlocked iPhone 5, ...

Please, iPhone, just another few minutes of juice!


A couple of years ago, I bought a Splash O2 external battery case for my iPhone 3GS. It made the phone much bulkier, but made the battery last much, much longer. On busy travel, hockey game, or conference days, it sometimes made the difference between having a working phone at the end of the day, ...


LodgeNet Mobile App

As a frequent traveler, and frequent resident of many hotel rooms, one of the first things I use to pick up before anything else, was the rooms' TV remote control. I don't like getting into a quiet room, so I would immediately locate the remote to turn the TV on to get some noise.

That ...


United Flight Attendant Makes Me…. an iPhone Stand?

iphone stand

I was getting some work done this morning on UA 517 from Atlanta to Chicago, and I had things organized on my tray table quite nicely. I had my 11" MacBook Air on the left, where I was working. On the right, I had my iPhone propped up against my Diet Coke can ...


Charge up your iPhone, but wear sunscreen


We've mentioned a couple of solar-charging options for electronic handheld devices in passing, but couldn't resist the opportunity to talk about this latest approach: the solar bikini.

Solar Coterie is now taking orders for custom bikinis fitted with 1x4-inch photovoltaic film strips, ...

Do You Have a "Jailbroken" iPhone? Here's a Quick Tip!

I know this post will only apply to my fellow geeks out there in travel land, but I use it enough that it's worth sharing. iPhone jailbreaking is the process of hacking your iPhone so that you can run unofficial code on it, allowing you to load a ...


Is the Verizon Wireless iPhone the right choice for travelers?

Few technology announcements have been as eagerly anticipated or breathlessly covered as this week's revelation from Verizon Wireless that they'll be offering a version of Apple's popular iPhone. Let's take a look at whether this phone is a good choice for travelers.

It may be your only ...


Recharge your phone as you rush to your connecting gate?

We've all had those short connections that don't allow even ten minutes to plug in an AC adapter, even if we could find a (working) electric outlet. We're too busy rushing from one end of the airport to another! Imagine if we could harness some of that kinetic energy as we race through the ...


How Boingo saved me a cool hundred bucks

Remember when getting online in airports and hotel rooms meant having a laptop with a built-in modem, paying for a nationwide dialup service, and finding a phone jack to plug into? There were a couple of pay phones with data jacks in many airports, and for a while the gem of the travel industry ...


Charging up your gadgets on the road

Photo by Eelke Dekker, www.eelkedekker.nl.

If you've traveled with your gadgets, you know that you need to plan ahead and bring all sorts of cords and chargers along for the ride. No matter how cautious you are, sometimes you'll find yourself out and about with a dwindling battery but without the necessary cord, or with no outlet to plug ...


Wherever my smartphone may roam

When I first started using cell phones, roaming was a pretty easy concept. If you were in your cellular provider's local service area, near home, you weren't roaming. If you were out of town, sometimes even in your own state, you probably were roaming, often with a daily or monthly charge plus a ...

My Guide for Using TripIt to Compile Travel Plans

The bulk of my travel is for business, and of that travel, a lot of it is on complicated itineraries. Sometimes I'll do a swing of the East Coast and visit three or four cities, I'm frequently jumping between hotels, and I often have rental cars to deal with, too.

All these reservations ...