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"Divorce Court" Awards Husband 257,041 Miles

Divorce Court TV judge Lynn Toler awarded 257,041 miles to a husband who successfully argued he had spent his own miles on the couple's travel and should be reimbursed.

The wife complained that they had traveled the world, but he would always walk ahead of her at tourist destinations.

The judge pooled her 650,808 miles with his 136,736 miles and split the total evenly.

At the end of the show, the couple had apparently reconciled, were kissing, and were planning their next trip.

Video here.

(Tip of the hat to mbstone)

US Airways Takes Offense to Jeff Smisek's Poetic Flourish

The Wall Street Journal has been quite humorous this week in covering the UA-CO merger:
Two years ago, Continental Airlines Inc. spurned United Airlines' proposal to marry, believing the time wasn't right.
On Monday, Jeff Smisek, Continental's chairman and chief executive, said ...

The Future of Budget Airline Travel: Load your own bags!

We've heard about Michael O'Leary's plans for charging to use the lavatory and having "standing" sections in the back of the planes, but the good folks at Ryanair are really thinking outside the box:
Ryanair says it is also looking into the feasability of charging customers for sick ...

Thanks for Flying StarTeam

I tried out Continental's new LAX-HNL-NAN 737-800 route last week and really enjoyed the service. Later this week I will blog about crew and meals on the flights.

For now, I just thought I'd share that the purser on my LAX-HNL flight thanked us for flying "StarTeam" four times before I gently reminded her that CO had left SkyTeam and now is part of Star Alliance. She sheepishly apologized and corrected herself upon landing in HNL.

Starteam. I can't say I'd mind having access to Lufthansa, Singapore, Air France, and Aeroflot with my United miles.


Russian Visa Confusion Nearly Curtails My Mileage Run on United Airlines

I showed up at PHL early this morning to check in for my trip to Moscow because I had a future ticketing issue to take care of. It's a good thing I did: I nearly missed my first flight.
First of all, the check-in lines were crazy this morning and UA was noticeably understaffed. Plus the ...

UA Agent Says United Doesn't Fly to Los Angeles!

I stopped by the United counters at PHL this afternoon to book a couple tickets and happened to pick up on a conversation to my right as the agent assisting me was trying to figure out how to book a ticket (it had been a few years, she claimed).
A man walks up to the Economy check-in entrance ...

When Pilots Sound Familiar

Do you ever sit down on an airplane and hear your own voice coming from the flight deck?
Yesterday evening I got on my BUR-SFO flight, settled in, and started reading a magazine when suddenly I thought I heard myself talking. We all have distinct voices and my tone, as Hunter likes to kid me ...

Angels' Wings Clipped at La Guardia

A little bit of humor I pulled from the New York Post:

Angels' wings clipped at La Guardia
October 19, 2009
The Angels just can't win in New York.
An hour after their crushing ...