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Alec Baldwin Pokes Fun at American Airlines on SNL

Alec Baldwin is such a jerk. But this video is hilarious:

For those of you unfamilar with what happened, Baldwin was tossed off an AA flight last week after repeatdly ignoring FA requests to turn off his electronic equipment. Here's a bit of background info:
Passenger Steve Weiss, ...

The Poor Folks at United Airlines Customer Service

I've written before about, the site that allows disgruntled United (and now Continental) passengers to post complaints about their expeirence. The sight recently got a facelift, humorously now resembling the current homepage.
Whenever I need a laugh, I go to ...

TSA Spots Concealed Knife in Carry-On Bag at Newark Airport!

Stop the presses! Stop the presses! The Wall Street Journal brings us this groundbeaking accomplishment of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA):
NEWARK, N.J. — A Transportation Security Administration screener at a New Jersey airport spotted a knife concealed in a carry-on ...
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CityJet Leaks Info, Eliminates Doubt on French Actor's Poor Behavior

Caution: Another story about a drunk Frenchman
Gérard Depardieu does not like to be kept waiting. The Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee also apparently enjoys alcohol. Throw in a flight delay and the combination becomes lethal.
It was Tuesday evening and Mr. Depardieu's ...

Polish Man Wanders Brazilian Airport for 18 Days

And you thought Viktor Navorski was just a fairy tale...
Robert Wladyslaw Parzelski boarded a British Airways flight from London to Sao Paulo on 17 June with no return ticket and no money. His mission, which he would later tell authorities, was to pick up two phones for a friend. What kind of ...

Come Fly With Me Coming To American Television Starting This Weekend

Those of you that have been following travel television shows have probably at least heard of the BBC TV show Come Fly With Me.  For those of you who haven't, here is a clip from the first episode with Omar, the owner of Fly Lo airlines, a European Low Cost Carrier.

While you have ...
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Naked Man Barricades Himself in Lavatory on Iberia Flight

Excessive alcohol and flying just do not mix--I've made that abundantly clear in previous posts.
But sometimes passengers are just crazy (recall the deranged passenger that caused my United flight to divert to Omaha last year). Take the German man on an Madrid to Frankfurt Iberia flight last ...
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The Lady Who Tried to Steal My Seat...Thrice

As is often the case when I am departing on a weekday from Frankfurt, I stay far longer than I should in my office and find myself making a mad dash to make my flight.
Yesterday was no different and my gate was all the way down in Terminal C, an unexplored section of Frankfurt International ...

Delta Flight Diverted After Flirting Man Pulls Out "Poisonous" Gas

A guy name Bryan Sisco finds his Delta flight from Dallas to Atlanta is delayed and heads to the bar, where he consumes a few too many--but is not visibly hammered. Though the midst of going through a messy divorce with his wife, he's already playing the field for the next ...

New Role for the TSA: High School Prom Guards

Coming soon to a high school near you: the Transportation Security Administration.
Two girls at a New Mexico high school recently sued their school district, claiming that they were "groped" on their way into their prom earlier in the month.
One of the plaintiffs, Candice ...
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Watch Out! Flight Attendants Get Kung Fu Training

When the flight attendant says to obey all lighted signs, placards, and crewmember instructions, tuning her out with your iPod while smoking a cigarette on your way to the lavatory as the plane lifts off the runway is probably going to lead to some pain. Perhaps a lot of it.
Flight attendants ...

Humor: Laser Pointers and Airplanes

I was browsing the Onion, aka America's Finest News Source, when I saw a flying related piece that I couldn't help but share. 
This commentary from an airplane captain is a funny look at what apparently can be a serious issue.   I've heard that this is real ...

VIDEO: WestJet and Southwest Celebrate April Fools' Day

Today is April Fools' Day, a day that airlines always seem to have fun with. Check out the two videos below, the first from Southwest Airlines and the second from WestJet.

And people thought the Richard Simmons Air New Zealand ...

The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore: Ray Stevens Protest Against the TSA

I found this amusing video online today, and figured that everybody here might enjoy it.

Now of course the production values are extremely low, but because of that it allows for an interesting game.  Name the airports that you see in the video.

(Thanks to Penn Jillette for posting the link to this video on twitter.  You should also go see the show in Vegas, they do have a wonderful bit on how useless the security screening is)


US Airways' Offshores Customer Service Department to Little Caesars!

After heralding US Airways for the good service I received regarding a schedule change last week, someone sent me this, from The Consumerist:
I booked a business trip for my partner and I to Charleston, SC on a US Airways flight. The total booking was $743.60 to get us there and back. An ...

Buck Howdy Pokes Fun at the TSA

The last few days have been quite taxing for me. Four exams last week and another one tomorrow have zapped my energy and left me with little time to blog--as I am sure you've picked up on.
But I do want to share an e-mail I received from my friend John this evening with a link to the video ...
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