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Amenity Kit Review: Lufthansa Business Class (Bree 2016)

This amenity kit review is based on what I received on from my flights in September 2016 on Lufthansa Business Class.  This was a business trip where I paid for an economy ticket and upgraded using a United Global Premier Upgrade.  I flew from Chicago to Frankfurt on United, (and got a ...

My Two Hour Visit To A German Emergency Room

Lucky had a pretty bad experience at a German hospital earlier this week so I thought I would provide a different perspective. Unfortunately, I've had experience with German hospitals as well and you can rest assured that not all German hospitals are bleak and beleaguered institutions of ...
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Lufthansa First Class with a seat and a bed Frankfurt to Toronto

Lufthansa First Class is a relatively attainable luxury for those who play in the miles/points world.  Its not easy to get, but its doable. For this flight, I was excited to finally be able to enjoy the 'seat and a bed' cabin upstairs on the 747-400.  I've flown Lufthansa First several ...

The Le Meridien Parkhotel Frankfurt

I've stayed in Frankfurt many times on layovers.  This time, thanks at least in part due to having more time with a late afternoon arrival, I decided to leave the airport area to stay in the city.  I decided on the Le Meridien Parkhotel.  It would be the 3rd Le Meridien hotel of this ...
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Airplane Food Delivered to Your Door!

I have a confession to make about airline meals. While most curse United Airlines for the "unchanging" "nasty" "disgusting" "tried" breakfast entrée pictured below, it is one of my favorite meals and if I had the chance to order it for home consumption, I would gladly pay for ...

Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich then transiting Frankfurt

After my excellent Lufthansa flight from Toronto, I had a few hours in Munich before continuing to Frankfurt and beyond.  I planned spend the layover in the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich, which I could access as a passenger arriving on Lufthansa in First Class with an onward flight. ...

How I Learned That I Could Never Be A Farmer

My wife's suggestion seemed innocent enough: let's visit my cousins on the farm for a couple days before the wedding. I was at the farm once - in the winter of 2013 - and it seemed like an okay suggestion, as long as I could find internet. "Oh don't worry, you have your cell phone and USB internet," ...

The Food I Won't Leave the Country Without!

I am currently 35,000 feet in the air crossing the Atlantic ocean, on my way to Germany for an extended stay. Most of my trips to Germany are short--just one to two weeks in length--but this time I will be staying longer. While I can normally get by a week or two without my comfort food, this time I ...

10 Days in Europe

The last few days have been hectic—travel from coast to coast, the Freddies, final exams, and a term paper. Thankfully, that is all behind me now and I will be taking a breather for the next week and a half.
A breather for me simply means a change venue….I'll still be working on ...

Most all Lufthansa Flight on 22 April CANCELLED!

If you are flying with Lufthansa via to or from any Germany airport you will not be having a good time on Monday 22 April. Also most flights in Europe on other airlines are overbooked due to this action. 

Good luck! 
Due to the announced strike actions on Monday, 22 ...

Your Driver's License is not an ID Card!

ID Card (noun) - a card bearing identifying data (as age or organizational membership) about the individual whose name appears thereon.
Betcha thought this was going to be a post about the TSA. It's not. It's about Budget Rent-A-Car. And Germans. And their rules.
Last Sunday my friend ...

Review: Park Hyatt Hamburg

When my brother and I decided to drive up to Hamburg for a weekend, there were many considerations that shaped our travel plans. Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city, is a nice change of pace from Frankfurt and it was a city I had only briefly seen on a business trip earlier in the ...

Non-Rev Adventures on United Airlines, Part I

While it pains me to even tell you this story, I trust you can enjoy a chuckle at my expense (maybe one day I will too…) and avoid a very carless mistake.
A couple weeks ago, I had a very special friend visit from Germany. It was her first time to the USA and I had a full itinerary ...
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Can one man destroy an airline? The beginning of the end of Lufthansa.

Lufthansa was once known as one of the better airlines in the world. Reliable, dependable, good service, enjoyable VIP treatment for their own and partner airlines frequent flyers. Over the past few years I have noticed some cut backs and changes that make Lufthansa just another airline. The one ...
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Return to Germany!

The last two months have been great—only two airplane trips in early June and most of the time spent at home in Los Angeles with family and friends. Still, I have not been in Germany since March and boy do I miss it. Now the time has come to return to Frankfurt and I am very excited about ...
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One night at the Frankfurt Intercontinental

Overview: A solid but aging upper-mid-scale hotel located on the bank of the Main River
Strengths: Service, cleanliness
Drawbacks: An aging property with a location that is best called “CBD-adjacent”
Earlier this month, I spent one night at the Frankfurt Intercontinental Hotel as ...

Emirates, the 'Beast in the Middle East,' feels the heat

An Emirates Airbus A380 flies over the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Image courtesy of Google.
"We can reel off a whole load of airlines that are teetering on the brink or are really gone. Roll this forward to Christmas, another eight or nine months, and we're going to see this industry ...

Quick first look at: Hilton Frankfurt Airport (Video)

Here is a first look inside the Hilton Frankfurt Airport (FRA) in Germany. This hotel opened on Dec 20 2011, and still has the new hotel smell. 

Below is a quick video showing a twin executive room and the public areas of the hotel. I will post a full review with many more ...

Looking Back on a Remarkable Year in Frankfurt

There are good years and then there are good years. This has been a good year.
I said my goodbyes yesterday and have left Germany, another chapter in my life now complete. For those who did not know, I have supported the Legal and Strategic Sourcing Departments at Star Alliance for the ...